Today, I would like to contemplate with you what does means to live an authentic life? We heard the word authenticity being throwing around left right and centre, without pausing to really take in what this really means to us?

Coming from a small town in Venezuela, where life is heavily conditioned by family and identity, being authentic and truly honouring my life came as a conscious choice at a very young age. A choice to step out of conformative patters, limiting belief systems and identities so I can discover, embody and express all that I am.

For me, to become means to ‘OWN YOUR LIFE’ yes! to fully become rooted in your body bringing the depth of your soul into expression.

Authenticity means to fully embrace all that you are and to be in alignment with yourself, your thoughts, your body, your emotions, dreams and desires to such a level that this is manifested in all your outward expressions such as your life, relationships, career choices, finances and so on.

To become authentic is to fully honour the magnificent being that you are! you uniqueness and quirkiness! to become a vessel of individual expression, bringing forward the unique song that we come to this beautiful earth to express. Inner peace, stillness and a strong sense of self-responsibility and self-love arise when we embark upon the journey to be all that you are.

I invite you to reflect today:

What authenticity means for you?

How would be your life if you were to live more authentically?

How authentically are you in your relationship with yourself or others?

How much compromise are you making for the sake of keeping ‘peace’ or being accepted or approved by others? How many times you have to act less than you are just to fit in?

Answering these questions from the heart can bring you the depth of clarity and the inspiration need it to start making small yet significant changes today! From starting to say ‘NO’ when you mean ‘NO’, to honour your body and your personal space, to start engaging with that which makes your heart sing and where you can be fully and unapologetically YOU, the whole of it, not just one part!

If you would like multilevel assistance while you walk this journey of Authenticity, there are a number of ways in which we can work together to assist you blossoming into your true authentic self

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