“We are creating life and nurturing nature through our open uplifting hearts’, a shaman from the Piaroa tribe in the Amazon told me as we were contemplating the vastness of the jungle.

This simple yet powerful statement stayed with me and ripped into the following realisations of my own.

1. We are co-creating our life through our intentional participation.  

2. By uncovering our essence (what makes you become alive, what ignites your passion, what are those gifts that you came to share in this world) and showing up authentically, we are nurturing life with our blueprint, participating in the natural cycles of giving and receiving.

3. An open heart, welcomes life new at all moments, breaking down walls of illusion and separation. It is in constant creation through the power of its vibrational frequency! When you are open to life, you ‘feel’ and ‘know’, you can expand your capacities to give, receive and grow.

Nature mimics this process majestically. A flower bud becomes so tight, that it has no other choice than to expand and blossom, otherwise the flower prematurely dies without reaching its maximum potential.  

We haven’t tapped into the abundance of our essence and our internal world, we search for those nutrients to blossom outside ourselves. Which is tiring and at times self sacrificial.

If you are ready to discover and tap into our inner resources so that you can expand and grow, I have spaces available for my Healing and Coaching Packages. In 3 sessions, we can dive deep into the blockages/challenges to catalyse personal growth and shifts.

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  1. Julia Kudratt 15 September 2020 at 5:59 pm

    Hi I’d love to visit you in Tarifa when the time is right. So enjoying seeing your posts and site. Sending love xx❤🙏


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