I was sitting contemplating at the great ‘tree of life’ which in the Piaroa mythology was the first original tree, from which all the fruits and vegetables originated in the Earth. 

A 1,000 of miles away from my place of birth in Venezuela and even further from London, the big city which I called at the time my home. In the heart of the Venezuelan Amazon, La Autana felt like my home. Maybe, it was its striking presence, the palpable energy that emanated, or maybe its strong power which was held in great respect by the inhabitants of the land.

I remember feeling deeply at peace here. A peace full of silence and the colourful flowing sounds of the amazon river. A peace fuelled with stillness yet integrated with movement of the jungle’s ecosystem fully alive. My heart was touched profoundly. And I called this place home. 

Home took a whole new definition. It is not a physical space but a vibration which we can tapped into when we create intimate relationships with ourselves and nature. We learn to experience home wherever we go!

If you would like to learn this tap into and nurture this sacred space within, I invite you to check my offerings and events on my website or BIO. Or if you are struggling to feel at home within yourself, request a 15 mins Complementary call with me to see how I can help you.

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