“Your strength comes from your capacity to face yourself honestly and act from the integrity of your heart.”
© Caroline de Lisser.

In a world that is conditioned to project ‘realities’ & ‘circumstances’ that are subjective and questionable, owning our sovereignty and claiming our birth right to ‘be’ who we fully came to be in this lifetime, is what we are now called to do. In order to continue living in balance and harmony with this planet and strengthening our hope for humanity, there is a commitment that we have to make first with ourselves.

Owning our sovereignty is not just having an opinion or standpoint about matters that are happening outside ourselves. It is to have the courage to face ourselves completely. To stand naked in vulnerability to that which stands in front of us, our values, virtues, wisdom yet at the same time to face with the same respect our shortcoming and undesirable aspects of the self.

In the Spiritual and New Age circles which I gravitated around, there is a tendency to bypass and sugar-coat undesirable aspects of the self, the difficult emotions and the hard conversations. Polarising what has the potential to bring the full experience of the self. What we don’t realise is that by dealing with our individual shadow, we are dissolving the collective shadows.

It is within the close examination of our shortcoming, habits, patterns that we can collapse the self creation of polarity in our lives. By owning all aspects of our being, our shadows and all, we stand a better chance at working, understanding and integrating them.

Our shadows are but a greater pathway onto hidden gifts in ourselves that are waiting to be discovered.

In 1:1 Shamanic Coaching & Healing sessions I offer, shadow work is done effortlessly to bring insight, clarity and to break with long standing patterns.

Don’t be that which is unconsciously holding you back

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