"Become the living oracle"

A Four Weeks Cacao Ceremony Journey Online

Becoming the living oracle invites you to activate your intuition and sensitivity to remain grounded thought life cycle's. 

Starts in March 2022

In this 4 weeks container, we will walk through the Medicine Wheel together, igniting the four direction within and awaken wholeness within. ​

Each week, you will learn about each of the four directions and their significant to you everyday life.

We will also dive deep into each of the directions in a Cacao Ceremony, to fully embodied and step into their unique gift
The medicine wheel is the materialization of the sacred circle of life, a gateway that will put us in contact with our own essence and with the forces of the cosmos, which integrates all aspects of existence, the directions of the spirit, the four physical directions, the four elements, the four seasons of the year.

The medicine wheel also exposes the scenarios of life, childhood, youth, maturity and old age, aspects to take into account and know our place in creation
In each ceremony, we will be exploring different aspects of the medicine wheel while tuning into shamanic energies to help us access our emotions and reconnect us back to the medicine wheel
This is for you if you align yourself with natural cycles of nature and experience profound connection, deep personal shifts and spontaneous heart opening.

What is included in this sacred container

- Teachings & activations on the four directions

- Four Cacao Ceremonies
(3 hrs each)

- Four Distance Healing group sessions (1 hrs)

- Integration exercises after each sessions

- One to One Angelic Healing session.

-Journaling prompts

- Cacao Ceremony preparation guide and recipes

About Cacao......

'The Heart Opening Medicine'

Cacao, or “cocoa/coco” also known as raw chocolate has been used in Central and South America, especially by the Mayans and Aztecs civilizations because of its powerful properties of expanding the heart to experience more openness, love, bliss and connection. It is use in shamanic ceremonies to bridge a connection between the head and the heart.
Cacao is widely known as a superfood. It is known to contain a high amount of antioxidants, iron and magnesium. Its main active compound “Theobromine” increases energy levels and concentration, releasing serotonin and dopamine which makes us feel happier and calmer.

Requirements & Ceremony Preparation

- Comfortable and quiet space.  
- Access to the internet
- It is recommended to drink lots of water and eat a light meal on the day of the Cacao Ceremony. - Avoid caffeine and alcohol the night before.
- Cacao drink prepared
- An intention for the Cacao ceremony - Water, journal and comfortable clothing
- Read the preparation guide.
- Prepare yourself, your space and the cacao drink 20 mins before the start of the ceremony to maximise the benefits.


Previous participants experiences and testimonials

My first ever Cacao experience, with her, was intensely healing and very heart-opening. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being a truly beautiful soul and for being an authentic and powerful carrier of Mama Cacao’s gentle yet powerful medicine. 

Tracey Lee Scully – Marketing Manager & Artist 

 Daniela is really professional and know with authentic depth what she shares. She is great holding the space and has amazing capacity to interpret signs!!!

Her work is so good that I have invited her to share it with us in one of our Mandalablue Yoga Retreats!

Maite – Mandala Blue Yoga 

“The ceremony was profound in its simplicity.  Daniela calls in this authenticity through the clarity of her being. 

She holds a vibrant heart space that welcomes all. 

The ceremony completed with Daniela singing as people drank their cacao. It felt tribal, connected, loving, playful, and deeply, deeply sacred”

Gayatri Claire Beegan – Founder of Massage School

“Thank you again. The ceremony lifted a fog from my mind I couldn’t shake, made me content with how my life is right now, being around my family and my nephew are what mean most to me. 

Thank you, for being truly beautiful- you’re wonderful”

Shaun Aldous – Artist – Festival 8 – Lincolnshire UK

“Your cacao ceremony elevates the human spirit, harnessing the power to understand how we are all made from Mother Nature’s infinite creativity, love & intelligence. 

Your cacao ceremonies have shown a lot to me – and I am still learning”

Michael R– Music teacher

We had a lovely group Cacao Ceremony during a Well Woman week I had organised at our retreat venue Casa Santosha in Spain. Daniela led a most amazing ceremony on the theme of abundance. Daniela held the space so well and everyone had a very special experience. I loved the way Daniela led us into a very safe and calm space with her chanting, inspiring words and presence. 

I personally had a very inspiring journey which reassured me that we are all connected and it is ultimately love that supports this whole universe – it was the most lucid and heart opening experience I have had in a while and gave me a lot of faith in myself and the spiritual truths that I practise. 

Thank you Daniela for this special experience. I will definitely see you again and would 100% have you back to lead more ceremonies. Om Shanti and love Emma x

Emma Brown – Owner of Casa Santosha (Retreat Center in Andalucia)

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