Cacao Ceremonies Online

These are intimate healing gatherings online where we meet to ignite authentic expression and inner connection assisted by the powerful heart opening properties of the Cacao plant

Our focus is to bring the sacredness to everyday life. 

To connect with our heart and our own capacity for self healing and empowerment.

Monthly New Moon
Cacao Ceremonies Online

Where: ZOOM Platform

During the Ceremony, you will be guided in a safe and supported space through each step of this shamanic ceremony with meditation, drumming, rattles, sound healing and the singing of medicine music.

The purpose of these ceremonies are to catalyse physical, mental and emotional healing and to facilitate spiritual connection with your higher self.

Each participant, will get by post a Cacao portion so that you can prepare you own brew on the day of the online ceremony. The cacao will be blessed and work by me energetically with the group’s intention for the day.

You will get instruction on how to prepare the cacao drink on the day so that we can still keep the authentic aspects of the ceremony alive

Upcoming ceremony dates

Sunday  18th of October at 18:00 Spain (Central European Summer time)

Tuesday 17th of November at 18:00 Spain (Central European Summer time)

Thursday 17th of December at 18:00 Spain (Central European Summer time)

Expand into your heart

Single ceremony


+ Postage & package

Online cacao ceremony 2 hrs
Cacao portion to be send to your address
Instructions to prepare ceremony and sacred space
Exercises to continue connecting with the cacao plant messages after the ceremony Support by email prior and after ceremony

Pathway to Authenticity Journey

3 Ceremonies package


+ Postage & package

3 online cacao ceremonies (2 hrs each)
3 Cacao portions to be send to your address
Instructions to prepare ceremony and sacred space
Exercises to continue connecting with the cacao plant messages after the ceremony
Support by email prior and after ceremony 10% discount on any of my other offerings
10% discount on any of my other offerings
A special gift!

These ceremonies will help you


  • Be in a supporting space where you can connect with yourself and other light minded individuals 
  • Listen to your inner guidance
  • Bring clarity and intention to your day to day
  • Establishing a connection with your heart
  • Let go of what not longer serves you
  • Heal blockages
  • Bring inner peace to your life

What is Cacao?

The cacao plant has a subtle yet powerful energy that, when channelled properly, expands the heart and brings you into a state of love and appreciationThe cacao plant has been used in ceremonies and rituals in ancient civilizations such as the Mayans in central America, as a tool for communicating with Mother Earth, with the heart and for inner stillness and wisdom

Please note: Ceremonial doses of Cacao are not recommended for people who are taking antidepressants (Cacao contains MAO inhibitors), or who have a serious heart condition, or have very high blood pressure or suffer from epilepsy. Pregnant women may take smaller amounts. Please get in touch if you have questions. 

Preparation for the ceremony

On the day, drink lots of water and eat a light breakfast. 

Avoid caffeine and alcohol the night before. 

This will help you to fully connect with the cacao energy without interference.




I felt particularly drawn to Daniela, because of her warm nature and her sincerity – she is someone who has the ability to see straight into your heart. I was not disappointed, my first ever Cacao experience, with her, was intensely healing and very heart-opening. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being a truly beautiful soul and for being an authentic and powerful carrier of Mama Cacao’s gentle yet powerful medicine.

Tracey Lee Scully
Marketing Manager & Artist

Daniela is a powerful channeler with a crystal clear and convincing voice. Her personal and professional skills are interconnected in a unique way, revealing a natural born wisdom and love. Her strong presence, combined with her creative and communicative skills is a beautiful blend of joy and depth, making her a naturally gifted spiritual guide.

Ida Hanson
Founder and CEO of Forum Rhetorica

My meditative experience during the sound bath was very deep with clear visions and sensation s in the body bursting my heart open with overflowing Love dissolving all boundaries and making me giggle uncontrollably on the way home especially watching Daniela in her colourful outfit dropping flowers from the ceremony as she walked, spreading Love in the city like a cheeky fairy. Highly recommended experience.

Aleesha T

Daniela is really professional and know with authentic depth what she shares. She is great holding the space and has amazing capacity to interpret signs!!! Her work is so good that I have invited her to share it with us in one of our Mandalablue Yoga Retreats! Would definitely repeat with her over and over! Thank you thank you thank you!

Mandala Blue Yoga

Authenticity. Freedom Connection

Align with your personal truth and awaken the powerful capacities of your heart. Expand your awareness to transform your personal experiences into wisdom.
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