Cacao Ceremonies

hands showing flowers and healing herbs from nature

I have had the opportunity to do Cacao Ceremonies with many facilitators, both here in the UK and in Latin America. I felt particularly drawn to Daniela, because of her warm nature and her sincerity – she is someone who has the ability to see straight into your heart. I was not disappointed, my first ever Cacao experience, with her, was intensely healing and very heart-opening. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being a truly beautiful soul and for being an authentic and powerful carrier of Mama Cacao’s gentle yet powerful medicine. So many thanks beautiful sister!

Tracey Lee Scully – Marketing Manager & Artist 

I felt strong connection with the space created by Daniela a few days before the ceremony and following my intuition I brought little bits and pieces for the altar which appeared to be what was needed at the time and I felt honoured to be a part of the Magic that unfolded. I loved everything about it, the  sounds, the colours, the fact that we sat in a circle as One and drank Cacao in a traditional way and of course Daniela’s contagious spontaneity which spread to others quite quickly. My meditative experience during the sound bath was very deep with clear visions and sensation s in the body bursting my heart open with overflowing Love dissolving all boundaries and making me giggle uncontrollably on the way home especially watching Daniela in her colourful outfit dropping flowers from the ceremony as she walked, spreading Love in the city like a cheeky fairy. Highly recommended experience.

AleeshaT. – London

Sounds healing instruments for a ceremony

 Daniela is really professional and know with authentic depth what she shares. She is great holding the space and has amazing capacity to interpret signs!!!

Her work is so good that I have invited her to share it with us in one of our Mandalablue Yoga Retreats!
Would definitely repeat with her over and over!

Thank you thank you thank you!

Maite – Mandala Blue Yoga 

I met Daniela in Mexico where she did a beautiful Cacao ceremony in Zipolite. Her sweet songs and her beautiful presence filled with Love and the hearts of all those present. She teaches me that I can always look at myself again and see what happens to us in a different way, giving a new space to everything that happens to us. A true master in the Art of Love !!!! Thank you Dani for your beautiful person!

Nina Tkaczek – Family Constellations Coach.


“Wow- Daniela is simply awesome. She is the epitome of authentic ceremony facilitation. Her ceremonies are warm, connecting, healing, profoundly moving and truly beautiful.

Daniela holds a loving, pure and vibrant space. It is like being a part of one tribe. Her singing, instruments and resonating presence help you to feel transported deep into the grounding place of the heart. Totally magical, uplifting and really held with commitment, truth, integrity and a lot of love”

Emily Jane Love – Events organiser & Host and Coach

I feel renewed, grounded, and centered after this dance with mama cacao. She seeped into the empty spaces and gently reminded me of the strength of my heart. Gratitude for the cacao, the fellow journeyers, the wonderful mandala and the sound bath. It was perfect.

Inge Kujiper – Design Thinker & Digital Marketer – Holland 

The journey was deep, releasing, restorative, heart-touching on many levels and has helped me drop more into myself. Obstacles that have felt in the way of making some moves with my healing offerings have simply melted away.  Just what I needed.

Big love and thanks to Daniela Oliveros who held the space with ease, joy, warmth and wisdom… singing, drumming, sharing, caring…

Bayari Beegan – Director at Beauty by Bayari.

“Thank you for a powerful ceremony. I was struck by your integrity and sincerity and the safe space you created allowed me to go really deep”.

Alan L – Filmmaker

Ceremonial Altar with Cacao, Angelic healing Sigils and flowers

The cacao ceremony is an immersive experience into the unknown where scents, smells merge with sounds. Daniela is an intuitive master of ceremonies with a kind and gentle nature. Her singing brought me to a place of comfort and peace. Smelling the aroma of cacao was an unexpected positive experience. I saw a full cosmos of blue lights coming alive in front of my eyes. Bye bye star wars, Hello Daniela!

Sergio Lopez Figueroa – Founder and Director at Big Bang Lab

“The ceremony was profound in its simplicity.  Daniela calls in this authenticity through the clarity of her being. She holds a vibrant heart space that welcomes all. The ceremony completed with Daniela singing as people drank their cacao. It felt tribal, connected, loving, playful, and deeply, deeply sacred”

Gayatri Claire Beegan – Founder of Massage School

“Your cacao ceremony elevates the human spirit, harnessing the power to understand how we are all made from Mother Nature’s infinite creativity, love & intelligence. Your cacao ceremonies have shown a lot to me – and I am still learning”

Michael R– Music teacher

“Thank you again. The ceremony lifted a fog from my mind I couldn’t shake, made me content with how my life is right now, being around my family and my nephew are what mean most to me. Thank you, for being truly beautiful- you’re wonderful”

Shaun Aldous – Artist – Festival 8 – Lincolnshire UK

women playing instruments and teaching shamanism
Shamanic training and ceremony in Tarifa, Spain
Pink shamanic altar for online cacao ceremony and training
heart opening cacao yellow

Daniela give life to her words of authenticity and acceptance by holding a space where each heart can reflect, share, laugh and cry. Her energy and humour will challenge or carry your spirit and her laughter reflects the Universe until you see it inside you. Most importantly, Daniela gives each individual focused attention and love, moving with power and rhythm from person to person untiring through circle upon circle until they are all complete. Encouraging each person to connect with their inner guide, teaching that you yourself is the only one who can identify and work through that what is needed.

This third ceremony was a journey through Angelic Healing, Shamanic Cacao Ceremony and Guided Mandala Meditation. Each modality was given an introduction and a closure by Daniela before moving to the next. After inviting those who wanted to share their intentions to speak, she confidently moved us through the subtle angel healing, where most of us lied relaxed on the floor; into drinking the cacao, which was soon aroused by powerful drumming and singing reminiscing of the rainforest; to finally leading us into single focused and colourful mandala painting. She closed the circle by inviting us to share our experiences and provided insightful reflections when feeling the call.

I left uplifted and empowered and over days and weeks the experience contributed to me successfully dealing with very strong and invasive treatments for a life-threatening condition my body had come down with. I continue to work with Daniela as I find her reflections immensely valuable in all aspects of my life and living. She is a very special guide and teacher; unique, in my experience, with her humble and light-hearted authenticity and with a laugh that can topple mountains. Living in London, I take any opportunity I can to spend time with Daniela when she passes through or when I can catch her in other places of the world. If you have the chance to join her circle, I encourage you to do so…

Lina E – Company Director & Scientific researcher

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