Holistic Shamanic retreats in Spain

Thought Shamanic practices, you learn the language of the heart and of energy.

We facilitate Shamanic Training and holistic retreats to individuals and groups in striking natural locations in Spain.

These activities combined experiencing ancestral practices, exploration of high energy places,
personal and group healing and mindfulness as well as adventures in nature for
personal transformation

Our Holistic Shamanic Retreats are a mixture of healing processes and guided ceremonies, as well as a space to learn tools that will help us in our personal development and in daily life. In this intimate space we will go deep in order to claim sovereignty, voice and authenticity of our being.

What are shamanic and ancestral therapies

Shamanism is an ancient system that helps us remember and recognize our inner wisdom. Through shamanic practices, we remember our innate nature, returning to the origins, honouring our ancestors, connecting with mother nature and interacting with the invisible forces of the universe.

Through techniques and methodologies born from different lineages and cosmologies, different tools are applied to connect us with our living aspect of nature, with the powerful spiritual world and our personal and inter-personal power.


Some of the Ancestral practices that we may share in our retreats

Soul Retrieval is a shamanic practice in which we travel to the past, accessing our subconscious mind to free ourselves from traumas or stories that no longer serve us or that prevent us from being authentically ourselves.

In the masculine and feminine lineage healing, we will be able to heal the wounds that we bring from our fathers and mothers, thus cleaning any conditioning or program that affects our reality and relationships.

The temazcal is a traditional steam cleaning ceremony; remove toxins from the body and renew our soul and skin using healing herbs. 

The Cacao ceremonies, using the medicine of the cacao and guided on a deep journey within with the shamanic drum to connect us with our intuition, personal strength and vision.



This transformative 1:1 training & personalised retreat can be offered in 2 to 3 days depending on your availability. Learn to work with the four elements in nature as well as the inner family to activate them into expression in your day to day. Healing sessions and ceremonies are included.

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This retreat is for those who wish to deepen their understanding of the role of the cacao within the Shamanic tradition and learn how to harness the power of elements and apply them to their own personal and spiritual practice.

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“Thank you for a powerful, transformational  4-days, working one-on-one with me by way of an intensive private cacao retreat at my home in England.

 I feel I learnt a lot from you about ways in which to heal my entire being; opening up my creativity and femininity as well as learning in-depth about the wonderful plant, cacao.

. I would highly recommend you to others.”

Jade Rose – Healer & Coach (Sussex)

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