Holistic Retreats

Golden Heart
Are you looking to deepen your connection with yourself?
Are you excited to experience mystical cultures and explore natural places of power?
We create experiences that will change your perspective on life and expand your consciousness. This is intense yet noticeable grounded work. These retreats are suitable for those who want to expand their awareness, learn spiritual practices or wish to immerse themselves in the shamanic path.
You will experience the mystical and shamanic wisdoms of these special places guided by Daniela and supported by experienced local guides who are in alignment with the energy of the group. They share their wisdom with love, respect and appreciation for the groups who are coming to have new experiences. You will be able to relax and enjoy as we take care of all the organisations, logistics, security and details with love and awareness – all activities, spiritual, transport and accommodation are arranged for you.
These adventure retreats are designed with the perfect balance to our group activities and also have the necessary time alone require for your personal practices, spontaneous reflection and insights and deep inner work.
Participants will:
-be journeying with spiritually aware, heart-lead people who have the same purpose to expand their consciousness and experience life fully.
-find the power to come out of your comfort zone and connect with your body and soul.
-be provided with tools to still your mind, transform your health and connect you with your purpose
Duration: 5-14 days retreat.
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Pathway to the Heart
Sierra Nevada Colombia
March 2019
Magical Expedition into mystical shamanic lands of the Kogis – A Indigenous tribe that identified as the ‘ Guardians of Mother Earth’
Ancient Feminine Shamanism
Exploration of Cacao plantations
Connecting with the frequency & healing properties of the Cacao plant
Delicious Vegan specifically designed by the organiser
Herbal tonics and healthy living
Excursions into the beach
Wisdom exchange and council with the Kogis and Araguaco tribes
Learning a meditation practice
Staying inside a natural reserve
The Heart of the Earth
Roraima Mount (Venezuela) Spiritual pilgrimage & Adventure Retreat
March 2019
Mount Roraima is the highest of the Pakaraima chain of Tepui Plateaus in South America and is known to be one of the oldest geological formations on Earth, dating back to the Precambrian period. It marks the place where the borders of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana meet.
The flora and fauna on this tabletop mountain are endemic to the area, and it rains almost every day.
Some people regard Mount Roraima as a sacred mountain, but even those who don’t still consider it magical and mysterious, especially with the near-constant presence of clouds just below the tabletop. It is also home to numerous limpid pools and one of a kind rock formations, enhancing its otherworldliness.
Ancient Feminine Shamanism
Wisdom exchange with the Pemon indigenous tribes
Shamanic Ceremonies & Activation
Excursion in 4×4 vehicles across the ‘La Gran Sabana’ National Park’
Delicious Vegan specifically designed by the organiser
Herbal tonics and healthy living
Helen Bell – HR Manager
Essex – UK
” This trip will prepare me for whatever is going to come next.”…and it certainly did that, even with the unknown ahead of me I already felt in my heart that this trip was going to push me forward far beyond my expectations.  Even after week 1 I felt I’d experienced and faced so much that I would have happily gone home feeling fulfilled and full of appreciation for the experience, yet there was still more to come. 
Daniela considered planning, love and support came through in all her work, with challenges of her own throughout, keeping us safe in her beautiful country and making sure we were all getting the most of the experience.  Her true love for her land and Cacao really came through in everything she did, first stop being a choc factory after 12-hour flights.
Week 2 really did bring the whole experience to another level of understanding your true self, and the land that we were in.  Excepting the new realities being presented to me, and well as I have said to many people to try to put that into words is near impossible, due to sacredness of the experience, the love and lessons we receive in the simplicity of the ingenious communities, our connection to the nature, and the strong connections we formed as a group, truly beautiful.
For me this retreat really was about understand yourself and the path you’re on.  I learnt so much about the patterns and programming I have led my life by so far, and how they can be changed by being more present, letting go of the fear, dropping the ego and to keep moving forward, stepping away from the material, and understanding how to bring back the simplicity into our life’s, with love and appreciation for ourselves and everything in it
Oh! and how can I forget some of the amazon foods. Eating ant bottoms, fish caught on a spear in a night time fishing ritual, to the yummy plantain, Yuca and arepa’s. Washing in natural lakes, hiking up mountains, mediating on sacred rocks, sleeping in anaconda’s territory, and making chocs.Much love and gratitude for the beautiful experience!
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