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“I have done a lot of energy work but this was the first magic healing I’ve had.  Thank you for your time and for the wonderful session
It will take a while for me to slow down but I have had a glorious week. I have received so much love from people.

 My eyes are much better and my energy levels are better. Both of these things make a huge difference. 
Thank you for being so amazing and coming into my life”

 Lindsey Wylie – CEO – The Alexandra Wylie Foundation

” As a scientific researcher, I am a natural sceptic who looks to understand how things work. If I cannot have a direct sensory experience, I look to evaluate the evidence. Truth to be told, I have had a number of healing sessions before but never felt much beyond the love, care and touch of the healer.

This time with Daniela, my second with her and the only healing I have ever asked for unsolicited, was very different. The only way I can describe it is to use the analogue of my first orgasm; before I had felt it, I was not sure what to expect and, under the assumption that it was not that impressive, I even questioned whether I had already experienced it. But when it happened, I just knew!


This healing session really shifted through something deep inside me and I am curious of how it will manifest over the coming weeks and months. As a humble, loving, perceptive and inquisitive healer, Daniela masters a range of modalities and I trust her guidance fully. I am looking forward to continuing working with Daniela to explore and address both inner and outer challenges to personal growth and I can recommend her warmly”

Lina E – Company Director & Scientific researcher

What can I say darling except that you are an amazing person and a gifted healer who walks her talk!!!   I’m not great at writing testimonials but I know that between Easter where I felt tearful, lost and at my lowest ebb. Now (6 weeks later), I feel like a completely different person.   Not only have I let go of things that were a build up from a marriage break up and the grief and stuckness that came with that, I have also been helped by you to let go of so much more and I feel motivated again.  By “Much more” I mean the limiting beliefs, the doubt, the belief that I was not creative (massive for me), my lack of faith in manifesting what is right for me!   


My god!  My life has changed so much and my day to day interactions just feel so much more blessed…life is good, it’s not perfect but is actually amazing and for the first time ever I really truly believe that I can steer my ship in whichever direction I choose.   I’ve witnessed how easily things can manifest in your life, once you let go of old programming and allow your passion and heart to drive you on a day to day basis.  I trust myself again, I’ve stopped worrying and I have been reminded that everything we experience is a manifestation of where we are at right now.


Daniela has been such a gift to me and is one of the most loving and selfless human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  There’re things about Earth and the laws of this universe and Mother Nature that I get on an intellectual level, I understand them, and then there’s Daniela who lives and breathes these rules in every moment and exudes them in such a powerful and loving way.   Daniela’s smile is beautiful, her heart is warm and her wisdom and healing capacities are immense and I’m very grateful to her for the love and generosity of spirit that she has shown me.


If you are stuck in any way, are willing to look at yourself honestly, and are open to whatever change comes your way, then Daniela is someone that you should speak to. 

Louise J – Investment Banking

After my 1st session with Daniela, although I felt a very deep sense of relaxation and peacefulness during the session, I had some disturbing nightmares. The angelic healing when straight to the root cause of my presenting issue at a very deep level.

I shared with Daniela the nature of my nightmares and she immediately arranged a follow up to work on deeper layers of the healing following her training protocol for an even deeper level of healing.

Daniela was knowledgeable, informed and deeply compassionate in her holding of my work. Her follow-up and commitment to the process were very thorough and I feel lighter, more joyful and that my issue has been cleared at the deepest possible root.

Cherry Jarrett – Ancestral and Energy Healer/ Therapist


The session with Daniela was amazing! Since a while ago, I’ve been delaying an important decision I have to make. My mind had been clouded. So, after the healing session with Daniela, my mind started to appear more focused and clearer. Then, for the next few days I was more connected to my surroundings and more open. Now, I’m feeling more confident and with a clear thinking. Ready to trust the universe following the path my heart is telling me to follow.


Sol B – IT Manager – London


Daniela has a gentle and purposeful way of holding space for you. using the principle that you are working together to bring about healing she encourages you to consciously co-create your desire. she is a warm and welcoming facilitator and takes the time to talk to ensure you feel safe and grounded.


I benefited by physically, emotionally and spiritually having release and being able to connect with all my emotions rather than being in fear. I have since our session been focusing on incorporating aspects of myself and wellbeing, I had not been conscious of. I have gained a sense of peace and tranquillity, purpose and clarity of thought that has previously eluded me. I would highly recommend Daniela if you are willing and wanting to shift blockages and old programmes.

Be M – Writer. Image Creator. Events Maker. Wellness Worker



At the Private Session Daniela has given me I felt held and safe, her healing modality is very powerful yet subtle.

I arrived feeling drained and my energy levels were low due to a cold, but at the end of the session I felt whole and strong again, my energy was focused and concentrated and I felt like I can still do a lot of things that evening. I am grateful for the experience of this wonderful healing, that felt balanced and wise. Thank you, Daniela, for the dedication with which you have conducted my session, I can only recommend it to everyone

 Anna Skordai – Therapist

Daniela is an incredible woman, and I felt comfortable with her immediately. I have never gone so deeply into a meditative state before! A big change for me since our session has been the impetus to embrace gentleness as well as the fiercer elements of my womanhood, and this has also influenced my choices as to what I want to work on going forward. I am releasing my resentments and obsessions


I am also beginning to discover deeper levels of intuitiveness. Daniela’s work with the shamanic drumming is something spectacular. She very generous and offers a huge amount of aftercare and post-session communication. I would definitely recommend her services!

Kare L

Daniela is a very strong and powerfully loving force and I feel very grateful that I was able to have a healing ceremony facilitated by Daniela.  

 She created such a safe and beautiful space for me to explore the deep and stuck emotions that have been holding me back.

The clarity and insights that I received during the session were very deep and I gained understanding on a very core wounding that I had never before been prepared to look at.   Somehow with Daniela’s strength and guidance, it felt safe and I felt protected to go there.

The thing that I needed the most to be at peace with was a deep sense of unresolved grief and I feel like Daniela really helped me to heal this.   On a physical level, I have noticed that the painful lower back that I’ve had for almost five years is no longer sore and my back feels a lot more flexible when I move forward or exercise.    I feel so much more peaceful and able to move forward in life and it’s like a cloud has been lifted. My focus is much better – I don’t feel as directionless and I am getting much more done since my session with you. I’m hugely grateful to Daniela and would highly recommend her private healing session and ceremonies to anyone who is having difficulty or just needs help to move forward.

Louise J – Investment Banking

I write in praise for Daniela Oliveros whose work is nothing short of astounding!  As the happy recipient of a recent remote healing session with Daniela, I found it not only most pleasant and relaxing but indeed, transformative. As an energy worker myself, (Polarity, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Craniosacral Therapies) I don’t profess to know much about the modality of Belvaspata but understand it to be working with angelic frequencies and the heart center.  During the session I felt and saw a beam of light traversing up through the center of my being, stretching outward on both ends and then an unmistakable heart opening.  I emerged from the session feeling an encompassing sense of lightness and wellbeing which has stayed with me.  I encourage anyone to work with Daniela who is a loving, compassionate, light filled soul.

Patricia Keene – Polarity Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher

I have so much gratitude to Daniela for the healing session we did. The word that comes to mind to describe it is ‘magical’. I went back to the womb and that was such an incredible experience for me. I’ve always had a block to ‘going deep’ but with Daniela, I was able to go to the heart of it, the source of this block. The healing session was gentle and I felt completely safe and held throughout it. There was so much love during the session that radiated from Daniela.

Since the session, things have definitely shifted for me. I find myself ‘taking the plunge’ more readily and trusting my intuition. Working with my inner guidance, I am finding more things falling into place. I feel a greater sense of courage and confidence and this is expressed in how my work has evolved.

Michelle Black – Chief & Aromatherapist at Healing Flows


We did a powerful healing session.  I felt grounded after the session and my heart opened up it was a great experience. My cup is full for now as I want to ingrate what I’ve learned from this session and I am going to do it again whenever I go back to London.

Amanda F 

 I  enjoyed this special and altering experience last week that I wanted to share with you all. A couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed a healing session by Daniela Oliveros that really opened up much insight and wonderous transformative blessings for me!!!

In looking at certain patterns that have been playing out in my world, around my self-worth and abundance, I’ve been wanting to explore and experience and get to the bottom of why I’m not experiencing the abundance receptivity of my healing programs that I was beginning to feel was related to self-worth. I asked for support to open even more, to information, insights and to make a huge leap and grander shift for embodying and knowing my abundance on every level.

I have to say that I have received this and much more from working with my beautiful sister Daniela Oliveros. She is so tuned in, loving and deeply listens with an open heart. Her eyes are deep pools of radiance and I truly felt held and blessed!!!

For those of you who are not familiar with the powerful healing process of Belvaspata, I highly encourage you, if this resonates, to send Daniela Oliveros a message to receive this magical blessing!!!

Kalee Coombs – Healing Coach, Tonal Alchemist, Crystal Tones 

At that time, I was struggling in the relationship with my husband and I needed healing, even if I didn’t realise it yet. Just recently I had a session with Daniela, an intense 2 hours DNA clearing which left me empowered and shifted my energy from being stagnant to a dynamic and creative flow. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and healing.

Marta Abdari – Artist & Creative Cook

I had a healing session with Daniela and it was amazing. Not only it brought me an insight to a challenge that I’m going through right now, but also brought an enormous amount of inner peace and calm. Daniela is very attentive and knowledgeable and the overall ambient was magical! Thank you, Daniela!


Justina Rafalik – London


don’t know what you all did over there but it worked!!  Thank you with all my heart!!! I feel wonderful!  I got out and did yard work today and did tons of chores!  I haven’t felt depressed all day!  No anxiety at all!  Yes!  I feel great!  The past week has been horrible for me.  This is the first day I’ve felt this good in a while!! Thank you so much Daniela!!

Tanya – Spiritual Life Mentor, Mystic Tarot/Oracle Coach

When I met Daniela her calm demeanour and healing nature were apparent.

 Having struggled with stomach problems and stress in recent periods, she offered to help me with a healing treatment. I use my head a lot every day when it comes to work and Daniela explained she would work on reconnecting the heart rather than focusing on thoughts and behaviours. The treatment was professional and tailored perfectly for my needs.

 I have never been able to meditate and totally zone out of my head but in the treatment, I really felt at peace for once. I would love to try the process again, as I was left feeling calm and my stomach and stress levels actually have improved since!


Emily Dallara – Freelance Copy/Content Writer & Marketing Health & Food

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