One to One Shamanic Healing & Coaching Session


One to One Shamanic healing & Coaching session
Have you ever felt that you can continue going through life in the same way?
That you are done with carrying pain, suffering and old attachments? And that you are ready to release these old emotions and blockages so that you heart can open to receive love and be joyful?
My works as a shamanic healer is to help you uncover the cause of your problem, go directly to the root cause and assist you healing it. By using a different techniques and tools, my shamanic healing sessions are effective interventions to help you shifts long standing issues and bring more clarity into your life.
If you would like to work with me in a particular issue, blockage or pain in your life, reserve your One to One Shamanic Healing session on +34 684 02 7106
In one session, you will be able to transform long standing patterns into sources of personal knowledge and wisdom.
Our work may include shamanic journeying, spiritual coaching, kinesiology, sound therapy, soul recovery and various types of energy work. These shamanic techniques are based on the principles of self healing to insure the effectiveness of the therapy.


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