One to One Shamanic Healing & Coaching – 1 Month

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One to One Shamanic Healing & Coaching – 1 Month





Experience growth, expansion and transformation.

These are energetic empowerment and healing sessions to activate and upgrade your physical and energetic bodies by releasing emotional wounds and repetitive mental patterns. Release stagnant energy & emotions.

We will be able to go deep into and release long standing issues such as feeling stuck, dealing with unworthiness, lack of self-love and lack of trust in your own inner guidance, talents and gifts.

Each private session is tailored to provide you with a healing container, spiritual guidance and deep transformational coaching to help you transcend these challenges.

I also support you during important life transitions such as divorce, separation, death and areas where you may be needing energetic clarity and guidance.

What is included

  • 3x – 90 mins Shamanic Healing & Coaching Sessions.
  • Personalised summary of the session and your progress.
  • Materials and tools such as guided meditations, coaching exercises, journalism etc to support your integration of the sessions fully.
  • Email and WhatsApp support.
  • Accountability & Check-In.

Some of the areas I can support you with:

  • Embodying your personal power.
  • Welcoming joy, pleasure and abundance.
  • Grounding yourself by loving your body.
  • Balancing the feminine & masculine energies.
  • Self-expression and showing up authentically.
  • Reconnecting with your inner guidance, intuition and the divine within.
  • Embodying the highest version of yourself.
  • Cultivating clarity, balance and inner peace.
  • Healing your relationship with yourself.
  • Creating healthy & loving relationship with others, your work, finances and other areas of your life.
  • Feeling inspired and passionate to make new life enhancing choices.
  • Reconnect with your innate mystical capacities, nature and the divine feminine.
  • Feeling grounding and with a strong sense of belonging in this Earth.

How do this session works?

Using shamanic energy medicine combined with coaching and healing tools, you are intuitively guided to the unconscious to release and heal childhood wounds, traumas, past and unconscious habits.

Shamanic healing works at the energetic level going directly to the root of issues. Clearing imprints and patterns at the soul level, so that clarity and wellbeing is restored back in the physical body. Improving your overall well-being.

These sessions catalyse a higher perspective. A new embodied understanding to situations that you have been facing. Profound shifts arise, allowing new ways to show up authentically in life in alignment with your personal power and freedom.

Online & In Person

I am based in Tarifa (Spain) in the countryside where I have my private home practice. Online sessions are done remotely by Zoom/Google Meet video calls. Once you book your sessions, you will receive an email with dates and preparation for your sessions and any extra information that you may require.

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