Shamanic Training & Retreats

Shamanic Training & Retreats





"Shamanism give you tools to connect with yourself, with others and with Mother Earth.

Thought Shamanic practices, you learn the language of the heart and of energy.
We facilitate Shamanic Training and holistic retreats to individuals and groups in the beautiful mountains
of Los Alcornocales Natural Park, in Tarifa (Spain).
These activities combined experiencing ancestral practices, exploration of high energy places,
personal and group healing and mindfulness as well as adventures in nature for
personal transformation.

Sacred Cacao Immersion and Initiation Retreat

This retreat is for those who wish to deepen their understanding of the role of the cacao within the Shamanic tradition and learn how to harness the power of elements and apply them to their own personal and spiritual practice.

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One to One Shamanic Training

This powerful and transformative one to one training/ personalised retreat can be offered over 2 to 3 days depending on your availability. Learn to work with the four elements in nature as well as the inner family to activate them into expression in your day to day. Healing sessions and ceremonies are included.

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Shamanic Mentorship

This shamanic mentorship will provide your practices and tools to connect with yourself, with other and with Mother Earth. You will learn the language of the heart and energy healing methods that you can practice on yourself and others.

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Book a Shamanic Training or a Retreat

Schedule a 30mins free consultation to discuss your requirements and needs

I am excited to connect with you to discuss your requirements for training or retreat

We can use this time to assess together details and make sure we are a right match to work together


We had a lovely group Cacao Ceremony during a Well Woman week I had organised at our retreat venue Casa Santosha in Spain. Daniela led a most amazing ceremony on the theme of abundance. Daniela held the space so well and everyone had a very special experience. I loved the way Daniela led us into a very safe and calm space with her chanting, inspiring words and presence.

Emma Brown
Owner of Casa Santosha (Retreat Center in Andalucia)

For me this retreat really was about understand yourself and the path you’re on. I learnt so much about the patterns and programming I have led my life by so far, and how they can be changed by being more present, letting go of the fear, dropping the ego and to keep moving forward, stepping away from the material, and understanding how to bring back the simplicity into our life’s, with love and appreciation for ourselves and everything in it Oh! and how can I forget some of the amazon foods. Eating ant bottoms, fish caught on a spear in a night time fishing ritual, to the yummy plantain, Yuca and arepa’s. Washing in natural lakes, hiking up mountains, mediating on sacred rocks, sleeping in anaconda’s territory, and making chocs. Much love and gratitude for the beautiful experience!

Helen Bell
HR Manager

I can highly recommend Daniela Oliveros and her amazing retreat. For anyone looking for a one of a kind spiritual retreat, to find themselves, develop further, or want an incredibly interesting, well thought out, diverse & exciting adventure, there was something for everyone. A group of 9 of us from all over the world, went to Venezuela on our pathway to authenticity retreat. I’ve never done anything like this and was out of my comfort zone, but totally glad I went.

Cheryl Wilsher
Owner of Limberlife Massage York – Health & Fitness

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Align with your personal truth and awaken the powerful capacities of your heart. Expand your awareness to transform your personal experiences into wisdom.
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