One on One Spiritual Coaching Sessions

Emerging Awareness Sessions
One on one spiritual coaching sessions via skype or face to face
 As a scientific researcher, I am a natural sceptic who looks to understand how things work. If I cannot have a direct sensory experience, I look to evaluate the evidence. Truth to be told, I have had a number of healing sessions before but never felt much beyond the love, care and touch of the healer.
This time with Daniela, my second with her and the only healing I have ever asked for unsolicited, was very different. The only way I can describe it is to use the analogue of my first orgasm; before I had felt it, I was not sure what to expect and, under the assumption that it was not that impressive, I even questioned whether I had already experienced it. But when it happened, I just knew!This healing session really broke through something deep inside. As a humble, loving, perceptive and inquisitive healer, Daniela masters a range of modalities and I trust her guidance fully. I am looking forward to continuing working with Daniela to explore and address both inner and outer challenges to personal growth and I can recommend her warmly”
Lina E – Company Director & Scientific researcher
London- UK
  30mins consultation 
In this short session, we will assess whether we are a fit for working together. You will get a taster of the level of support you will get and walk away with some clarity and insights regarding your initial query or motivation to connect.
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 One 1 ½ hour full session
Our individual work is personally tailored, grounded and practical. I serve as a bridge in between worlds, guiding you to higher states of perception so you can make positive changes in your life.
Participants will:

– receive exclusive one to one Spiritual Coaching, Healing and guidance

– follow-up via email reflection on your progress and accountability for your self-practice.

We will celebrate your personal development and explore any blockages you may encounter. Our work will focus on catalysing awareness, self-discipline translated into self-love and inspire self-change, which will manifest in your new sense of fearlessness.
A variety of energetic healing tools and spiritual coaching strategies will be used so that you become empowered to create the necessary changes to nurture a conscious relationship with yourself and your environment.
spiritual Coaching Packages 
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Transformative Expansion Package
Four 1 ½ hour sessions (over a month) quick start to self-transformation
This four-week programme is for you if you are ready to release that which no longer enhances your life and want to become the creator of your wealth and wellbeing. You will become empowered to take accountability and consciously change your reality. It will influence your relationship with yourself, others and your environment.
– Four weekly 90 mins Skype sessions
– Remote healing sessions
– Guided meditations, practical coaching tools and self-practices to continue catalysing results
–  Unlimited email support
– One accountability and celebratory session a month after the programme ends
By completing this programme, you will become conscious, feel present and confident to express authentically. You will be fully initiated into living the path of the heart.
 Quantum Leap Package
Eight 1 ½ hour session (over 2 months)
You have been struggling with addictions, illnesses, emotional wounds and victimhood, which is manifesting an undesired reality for you. You want to evolve life into a different form and feel determined to do what is necessary to break free from these mental, emotional and spiritual prisons. In this programme, you will learn, practice and embody tools for increasing your energy, expanding your awareness and creating inner wealth.
8 weekly 90 mins Skype sessions
Remote healing sessions and a special ceremony to catalyse your progress
Guided meditations, practical coaching tools and self-practices to continue catalysing results.
Unlimited email support
Accountability and celebratory session one month after the programme ends.
During and after completing this programme, you will notice significant results and changes in all areas of your life. This will have a catalytic effect in the quality of life, relationships, jobs, connections and wealth in your life.
Payment Plans Available
What can I say darling except that you are an amazing person and a gifted healer who walks her talk!!!   I’m not great at writing testimonials but I know that between Easter where I felt tearful, lost and at my lowest ebb. Now (6 weeks later), I feel like a completely different person.   Not only have I let go of things that were a build up from a marriage break up and the grief and stuckness that came with that, I have also been helped by you to let go of so much more and I feel motivated again.  By “Much more” I mean the limiting beliefs, the doubt, the belief that I was not creative (massive for me), my lack of faith in manifesting what is right for me!
My god My life has changed so much and my day to day interactions just feel so much more blessed…life is good, it’s not perfect but is actually amazing and for the first time ever I really truly believe that I can steer my ship in whichever direction I choose.   I’ve witnessed how easily things can manifest in your life, once you let go of old programming and allow your passion and heart to drive you on a day to day basis.  I trust myself again, I’ve stopped worrying and I have been reminded that everything we experience is a manifestation of where we are at right now.
Louise J – Investment Banking
London – UK


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My Promise

My promise is to assist you to rediscover your gifts and to restore self-trust, self-love and self-sovereignty by reconnecting with your inherent beauty and the wisdom of your heart.
I will guide you through an intense and transformative journey of healing and self-empowerment tailored to your unique process of self-discovery.
Through passionate engagement with all parts of your being, I will direct you to break through blockages and difficult emotions.
These will transmute into gems that will enrich your awareness and expand your consciousness.
You will learn how to shed light (perception) into the places of darkness (confusion).
To awaken the magic of your inner child and once again approach life with the wonderment of discovery, hope and an innocent heart.