I welcome you to this profound journey of deep self-acceptance, self-love and celebration of your uniqueness & gifts.

 This is a powerful process of self-reclamation. 

Of  your innocence, self-expression, creativity and ultimately capacity to experience joy. 

This container activates the divine feminine qualities within yourself so that you can step into a new way of living through wholesomeness, self-honouring and appreciation. I hold the highest vision for you as we walk together in this transformational journey to  restore the innocence of your inner child, supporting its healing and blossoming expression.


Embodying the Inner child is key for any Creative Leader, Healer and Visionary
To express from integrity & power

In this journey of becoming all that we are, we need to honour and bring with us all aspects of our inner self. This is why “Inner Child” work is fundamental to establish a strong foundation for our whole being to flourish.

The “Inner Child” (an aspect of the psyche which is still very much alive in all of us) is the portal for our creativity, joy and vitality. If our inner child is not embodied, it is impossible to come into full coherence with our whole being. 

When we embody our inner child, we are able experience the world as a safe playground for our expressions to come alive. We not longer feel like victims of our past but as a magical co creators with life.

Your Inner Child May be calling for you ... Are you listening?

You may be full of creative ideas, life projects and beautiful new earth creations, you don’t feel confident. Instead, you constantly doubt and stop yourself from expanding into new levels of self-expression. It doesn’t matter how much spiritual work you do, the pieces aren’t fully landing in your body…


This container is for you,
if you would like to 

Activate your creativity

Connect with you heart and body

Learn to trust yourself and your internal guidance

Recognise yourself and uniqueness

Heal old aged traumas and transform them into awareness for your next steps

Self parent

Establish healthy physical, mental and emotional boundaries

Honour your needs and desires

555 €
One single payment

When you join this container you will receive 

  •  3x One to One Ceremony & healing session (2hrs -Tarifa or Online) 
  • Somatic exercises & tools (such a meditation, journal prompts, breathing or tapping) for integration after each session
  • Telegraph support for the duration of the energetic container – 45 days


Beautiful, transformational and empowering..
David Green – Musician, teacher & creative artist

“It is hard to put into words the transformative power of working with Daniela. The breadth of her knowledge and skill in such diverse methodologies, from coaching to shamanism, is incredible and yet she is so humble, warm and humorous in her approach. 

She creates a wonderfully safe environment in which I was able to explore my inner child and other elements of myself which I had long forgotten.   

Each session was both profound and yet also truly unique, developing an empowering sense of my integrated self and how it feels to find balance in life. From tears, to laughter to an exhilarating desire to dance, working with Daniela is an exploration of what it means to be human. Aside from which, the quality of her teas and cacao is worth the visit alone! I feel very privileged to have spent time with such an incredible human being and am so grateful to Daniela for the positive shift in perception of life and the world that she has supported me in coming to see. Much love.”

“It is wonderful to observe that everything we need to be in balance and in harmony with ourselves and life is already there. We only have to recognise it. In this way, providence has brought me together with Daniela, an extremely empowered shaman. In a most sensitive and loving way, Daniela guided me through a shamanic process and together with me dissolved certain personal habits and attachments that had blocked me in some areas for a lifetime. Since then I feel liberated and feel peace and love within myself. Thank you very much”

Extremely empowered shaman
Tanja Grimmin – Natural Mystic & healer

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