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Shaman meditating under tree while doing a group healing

 “Daniela is one of those people that you can feel at ease with straight away, you may even think you have met before! She is playful, skilful, compassionate and committed to helping empower people to improve their lives, and to bringing them (new) enriching experiences. I have attended three of her workshops which have shown me how to find and unlock my own capacity to heal myself, and have helped me piece together aspects I had given up on or forgotten. She is dedicated to her role as healer and wants to know how her attendees are doing even after the session.

Daniela is gentle and full of joy, qualities that inspire trust and hope.”

Ann Boxill – Mother


” I didn’t know this at the time but it was the beginning of a very healing journey for me. Once at home over the next few days I had many visions and experiences. Over all I felt calmer and at peace. There had been a big shift inside me. I felt an absolute need to meditate and use sound. In a very healing way I had many difficult memories come back to me as well but it has been ok to think about and not so painful. It seemed as if I am now able to work through issues.

I know feel connected to myself and I am listening to what I truly need. I have been planting new things in my garden to use and healing. I have enrolled on a number of courses herbalism, aromatherapy, reiki and medicinal diet. I feel like I am at the beginning of an amazing journey.  The whole experience with Daniela has brought me forward in my personal growth”

Emma Louise 


Daniela has it all! A pure, kind and strong heart.  Daniela is a dedicated medicine woman who is in touch with her own healing journey as well as that of others. She represents the embodiment of understanding the sojourn of melding the Divine and Earth Bound ‘worldly segments’ that make up our wholeness as Spirit intertwined with Human Being.

Intuitively my heart and soul knew Daniela to be the trusted Shamanic Midwife for not only assisting me to Honour… but to meet and become truly ‘at one’ with my very beautiful, loving and ever patient Inner Child.

All healing is so very personal and unique. If you feel drawn to Daniela, I would highly recommend that you do as I did, and that you follow that call!”

Suzanne Austin – Writer & Environment Wellbeing Advocate


“Thank you, lovely Daniela, for a powerful, transformational  4-days, working one-on-one with me by way of an intensive private cacao retreat at my home in England.

 I feel I learnt a lot from you – from the medicine wheel and the four directions; ways in which to heal my entire being; opening up my creativity and femininity via singing and painting therapy, beautiful offerings to Pachamama in the fields and forest around my home, as well as learning in-depth about the wonderful plant, cacao.

It was a pleasure to work with you and spent time with you. I would highly recommend you to others.”

Jade Rose – Healer & Coach


We had a lovely group Cacao Ceremony during a Well Woman week I had organised at our retreat venue Casa Santosha in Spain. Daniela led a most amazing ceremony on the theme of abundance. Daniela held the space so well and everyone had a very special experience. I loved the way Daniela led us into a very safe and calm space with her chanting, inspiring words and presence. 

I personally had a very inspiring journey which reassured me that we are all connected and it is ultimately love that supports this whole universe – it was the most lucid and heart opening experience I have had in a while and gave me a lot of faith in myself and the spiritual truths that I practise. Thank you Daniela for this special experience. I will definitely see you again and would 100% have you back to lead more ceremonies. Om Shanti and love Emma x

Emma Brown – Owner of Casa Santosha (Retreat Center in Andalucia)

Testimonial Women building a shamanic altar with Cacao & natural elements

International Retreats

I can highly recommend Daniela Oliveros and her amazing retreat. For anyone looking for a one of a kind spiritual retreat, to find themselves, develop further, or want an incredibly interesting, well thought out, diverse & exciting adventure, there was something for everyone. A group of 9 of us from all over the world, went to Venezuela on our pathway to authenticity retreat. I’ve never done anything like this and was out of my comfort zone, but totally glad I went. It was an adventure I would without doubt do once again with Daniela, she is welcoming, friendly, straight talking and what you see is what you get with her. She has a lovely voice, I enjoyed her singing and drumming a lot, it was very soothing for me. She has a strong heart & spirit and skills of a leader. I feel we carried some of the memory of the people we met in how to really live in nature and how life can be, memories that will stay forever. We trekked through the dense Amazon rain forest, everyone was there for each other and bonded well. We all worked as a team, supporting each other if needed. Daniela’s ceremonies were fantastic! The cacao ceremony with meditations and the whole experience changed my life for the best. Daniela was always ensuring our wellbeing and safety, she lived up to all of her promises and I gained a lot of trust for her in a short time. I was quite nervous in some areas, but after talking with Daniela she gave me guidance & support and also her word all would be taken care of and that our safety was of her upmost importance and she lived up to that. I would definitely go on a retreat with her again. The path way to authenticity, truly did what it said on the tin.  It was one beautifully, challenging, transforming ride.  This carefully planned trip brought me to a very unique place in my journey, bringing the unknown to reality, facing new challenges each day pushing me further forward in understanding what my true path really is.
Cheryl Wilsher
Owner of Limberlife Massage York - Health & Fitness
" This trip will prepare me for whatever is going to come next." ...and it certainly did that, even with the unknown ahead of me I already felt in my heart that this trip was going to push me forward far beyond my expectations. Even after week 1 I felt I'd experienced and faced so much that I would have happily gone home feeling fulfilled and full of appreciation for the experience, yet there was still more to come. Daniela considered planning, love and support came through in all her work, with challenges of her own throughout, keeping us safe in her beautiful country and making sure we were all getting the most of the experience. Her true love for her land and Cacao really came through in everything she did, first stop being a choc factory after 12-hour flights. Week 2 really did bring the whole experience to another level of understanding your true self, and the land that we were in. Excepting the new realities being presented to me, and well as I have said to many people to try to put that into words is near impossible, due to sacredness of the experience, the love and lessons we receive in the simplicity of the ingenious communities, our connection to the nature, and the strong connections we formed as a group, truly beautiful. For me this retreat really was about understand yourself and the path you’re on. I learnt so much about the patterns and programming I have led my life by so far, and how they can be changed by being more present, letting go of the fear, dropping the ego and to keep moving forward, stepping away from the material, and understanding how to bring back the simplicity into our life’s, with love and appreciation for ourselves and everything in it Oh! and how can I forget some of the amazon foods. Eating ant bottoms, fish caught on a spear in a night time fishing ritual, to the yummy plantain, Yuca and arepa's. Washing in natural lakes, hiking up mountains, mediating on sacred rocks, sleeping in anaconda’s territory, and making chocs. Much love and gratitude for the beautiful experience!
Helen Bell
Massage Therapist
HR Manager
Will highly recommend the Pathway to Authenticity Retreats If you're lost and want to find yourself and if you need answers. Living with the tribes and seeing the sacred places and the tree of life was incredible. Daniela worked so hard to put this trip together and she showed she really cared about the adventure. All the best to you Daniela. Keep up the good work.
Emily Holland
Owner of Emily’s Hair, Beauty & Tuina Massage
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I am based in Tarifa (Spain) in the countryside in Andalucia. I also work person in Marbella & “La Costa del Sol” as well as remotely by Zoom/Google Meet video calls with clients all over the world.

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