Workshops & Training

Shamanic practices for day to day living
Come to celebrate ancient energy practices of deep connection with yourself and with the Earth. Learn to embody your intuitive inner guidance, create sacred space, work with the elements and its energies, create with your heart by purifying your emotions and directing your focus and intention.
Participants will:
– Learn the art of ceremony and how to create it.
– Experience how to bring the sacred into everyday life through connecting with the power of the heart.
– Be attuned and activated to the frequencies of the Earth.
Duration: 6 hours
Individual Private Workshop/Training; 770
Group: 150
Intensive Cacao training
You want to establish a personal spiritual practice with the Cacao plant. In this training, you will learn the foundation on how to work with cacao for your personal healing and journeying. We will cover a range of shamanic tools and concepts during our 4 days of work together.
Participants will:
– Work with the four elements of nature and well as its individual inner ‘expression’ or inner family.
– Study Cacao and learn about its spiritual and physical properties.
– Develop a spiritual practice of working with cacao for personal ceremony and for self-healing
– Receive activations and personalized healing ceremonies to attune you to connect you to your heart and intuition.
– Learn and practice shamanic tools
– Work with sound, voice and different instruments for healing & connection.
Duration: 4 days
Individual Private Workshop/Training; 2,500
Group: 950
Vision Quest
Ancient shamanic practice to gain clarity thought intense and purposefully inner work. The vision quest is done in nature for two days. We will practice the art of solitude, fasting for spiritual clarity, lifting prayers in the fire, guided meditations, shamanic trance dancing, heart opening singing, cacao ceremony and therapeutic practices with art & craft.
Participants will:
– Gain vision and deep alignment with their purpose and joy.
– Dive deep into their inner worlds and gain a new perspective.
Duration: 2 days
Individual Private Workshop/Training; 1,800
Group: 400
Inner child Workshop
This two-day transformational workshop connects participants with their authentic radiant nature.
Using meditation, sound healing, shamanic soul retrieval, fragrance alchemy oils, live drumming and Anarash Suba yoga – a yoga of illumination.
We will dive deeply into working with the sub-personality of the Inner Child, the part of our being that holds the key to joy and playfulness, and to greater engagement with the beauty of life. Acknowledging and expressing our Inner Child allows us to see life as a playful stage of interconnectedness.
Participants will:
– Be guided through a deep journey to explore, awaken and celebrate their Inner Child.
– Feel free to embody the unique expression of the Inner Child’s true qualities
– Experience innocence and magic being restored in the treasure chest of their hearts.
Duration: One or two days
Individual Private Workshop/Training; 770
Group: 150
Create Inner Alchemy 
Guided Exploration of the Inner Family Archetypes with Sacred Angelic Healing Belvaspata Ceremony.
This workshop will introduce you to the alchemical powers of the Inner Family archetypes, the Inner Child, Inner Nurturer, Inner Sage and Inner Warrior.
The Inner Family are parts of our psyche which manifest in our day to day living through our relationships with ourselves and others. These serve as a template to navigate existence from within.
This workshop will include a Group Belvaspata Angelic Healing Ceremony for the healing of the 12 pairs of pure emotions.
Participants will:
Gain increased awareness of the Inner family, which serve us as great tools to masterfully create inner alchemy
– Work towards breaking co-dependent patterns and self-sabotage behaviours.
– Access states of harmony, peace, love and unconditional self-acceptance.
Duration: 2 days
Individual Private Workshop/Training; 1,400
Group: 300
The ceremony and healing I will tell you about is the third of Daniela’s that I have experienced, though the most striking aspects are the same across all. Daniela give life to her words of authenticity and acceptance by holding a space where each heart can reflect, share, laugh and cry. Her energy and humour will challenge or carry your spirit and her laughter reflects the Universe until you see it inside you. Most importantly, Daniela gives each individual focused attention and love, moving with power and rhythm from person to person untiring through circle upon circle until they are all complete. Encouraging each person to connect with their inner guide, teaching that you yourself is the only one who can identify and work through that what is needed.
This third ceremony was a journey through Angelic Healing, Shamanic Cacao Ceremony and Guided Mandala Meditation. Each modality was given an introduction and a closure by Daniela before moving to the next. After inviting those who wanted to share their intentions to speak, she confidently moved us through the subtle angel healing, where most of us lied relaxed on the floor; into drinking the cacao, which was soon aroused by powerful drumming and singing reminiscing of the rainforest; to finally leading us into single focused and colourful mandala painting. She closed the circle by inviting us to share our experiences and provided insightful reflections when feeling the call.
I left uplifted and empowered and over days and weeks the experience contributed to me successfully dealing with very strong and invasive treatments for a life-threatening condition my body had come down with. I continue to work with Daniela as I find her reflections immensely valuable in all aspects of my life and living. She is a very special guide and teacher; unique, in my experience, with her humble and light-hearted authenticity and with a laugh that can topple mountains. Living in London, I take any opportunity I can to spend time with Daniela when she passes through or when I can catch her in other places of the world. If you have the chance to join her circle, I encourage you to do so…
Lina E – Company Director & Scientific researcher
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