Supporting Divine Feminine Healers, Creative & conscious leaders stand in their power & with strength and integrity.

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Divine Creative conscious Women & men

Now Is Your Time To Step Fully Into Your Power And Claim Your Birthright!

I see YOU!
Your generous heart, your talented creativity and unique gifts which you came to bring into this world in the form of authentic service through your sacred creative work, your creative expression or simply through the virtue of your being..

Divine Brother & Sister
There is so much potential and medicine in exactly the challenges which you are facing right now.
They contain the fuel which will ignite your passion to step into the new expression of your being.

You are here because you know deep in your bones, that it is your time now!
For you to own your life, your power, your beauty!
It is time for you to give yourself full permission to honour your needs, your desires and to fully honour yourself.
It is your time now, to have the thriving business you always wanted, to feel fully free, to find a soul partner, to unleash your creative power,
to create a conscious family, to embody and express your wild side


Be ready to become magnetic, to release old aged paradigms of suffering and self repression and to gracefully express the next version of your unfoldment.
My name is Daniela. I'm a Divine Feminine Shaman and Activator of Authentic Wild Hearts.
I help Divine Feminine Healers, Creative and conscious leaders stand in their power by embodying their soul purpose & unique gifts with strength and integrity.
You will be held in a powerful field of transformation, and embark on a personal journey of rapid, graceful and potent growth.


Beautiful, transformational and empowering..
David Green – Musician, teacher & creative artist

“It is hard to put into words the transformative power of working with Daniela. The breadth of her knowledge and skill in such diverse methodologies, from coaching to shamanism, is incredible and yet she is so humble, warm and humorous in her approach. 

She creates a wonderfully safe environment in which I was able to explore my inner child and other elements of myself which I had long forgotten.   

Each session was both profound and yet also truly unique, developing an empowering sense of my integrated self and how it feels to find balance in life. From tears, to laughter to an exhilarating desire to dance, working with Daniela is an exploration of what it means to be human. Aside from which, the quality of her teas and cacao is worth the visit alone! I feel very privileged to have spent time with such an incredible human being and am so grateful to Daniela for the positive shift in perception of life and the world that she has supported me in coming to see. Much love.”

“It is wonderful to observe that everything we need to be in balance and in harmony with ourselves and life is already there. We only have to recognise it. In this way, providence has brought me together with Daniela, an extremely empowered shaman. In a most sensitive and loving way, Daniela guided me through a shamanic process and together with me dissolved certain personal habits and attachments that had blocked me in some areas for a lifetime. Since then I feel liberated and feel peace and love within myself. Thank you very much”

Extremely empowered shaman
Tanja Grimmin – Natural Mystic & healer
I hope that you’ll listen to your intuition and just go for it
Mariella – Artist & Sport lover

My intuition would prove me right, the session we had was very powerful and Daniela was able to sense my state and could respond or navigate for maximum results. It was beautiful, emotional and very insightful and soothing all at once. I can highly recommend her and hope that you’ll listen to your intuition and just go for it”



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