Download my ‘Connect with your Essence Mediation’ and attune to your authentic essence.

Your connection to Your Inner Self & to nature
are the most sacred relationships to develop in life.
Can you feel this?

It means creating strong bonds with all parts of ourselves. To become responsible for our expansion and evolution.
To practice self-love in action...... And by doing so, we become master of our own life.

You are here because you feel a calling to come home to yourself.
You are ready to journey into the deepness of your being &
embody your wisdom, intuition and creative expression

Work with me


Energetic empowerment and healing sessions to release wounds and emotional patterns. Activate your personal power and cultivate balance and inner peace.

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Online or in person gatherings where you can be still, explore and connect to your heart and your inner world thought a guided cacao ceremony.

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We facilitate personal evolution, connection with nature and shamanism. Through energetic tools and ancient wisdom. The purpose is to connect with your power and authenticity.

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Guided classes to practice inner silence, breathing and relaxation. Get a state of harmony and deep awareness. All levels welcome. Online or in person.

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You are a unique being worthy of love,
healthy relationships & Abundance.
Living your soul mission… and In harmonious relationship with life.
I Am Here To Remind You Who You Are! 

Hello, I'm Daniela Shamanic Practitioner, Medicine women, Healer & Coach.

I help awakened, heart-led, visionary soulful individuals; heal old cycles of trauma, pain and emotional wounds; and transmute them into sources of personal practical wisdom.

Through my offerings, I help you become rooted into your aliveness. To welcome your authentic expression and unique blueprint onto this earth. 

I have both online programs and in person One to One or group sessions available depending on what you are ready for and where you are located in the word. Based in Tarifa (Spain), I also work in Marbella, Gibraltar and all over & “La Costa del Sol”. 

Let’s work together so that you can reclaim your natural sense of self, balance and personal power!


“I’ve been working with Daniela for 8 months now and every aspect of my life has shifted. My perspective of life, my views and understanding.

Looking back at at all the lessons I have learnt and all the tools I now have thanks to Daniela I’m able to navigate on my path with a clearer understanding of situations, people, outcome.

Treat everything with love rather through my old ways of trauma response.

 I’ve also learnt a lot about myself, grown into myself, love myself and detach myself from the traumas and wounds which Daniela guided me through.

There were times in between the sessions I wanted to pause and pulling away and even through those times Daniela handled me with so much care, much love and support.

Thank you for you support and guidance, I don’t know where I would be without you.”

Emma Uweyo – Digital Artist (Spain, 2021)

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Download my ‘Connect with you your Essence Meditation’ and attune to your authentic essence.

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