"MY MISSION IS ...to uplift humanity and inspire conscious change through sharing shamanic practices, energy healing and a sacred connection with nature ...

As a Shamanic Healer & Coach, I support individuals and groups through
their empowering and healing journey, where life is lived with grace, connection and dignity. I assist you to turn challenges, traumas and painful stories into sources of inspiration, strength and personal wisdom.

About Daniela

Shamanic healerI grew up immersed in the mystical shamanic traditions of Venezuela where rituals, celebration and connection with Mother Earth were part of my ancestral indigenous roots. From a young age, I had a natural ability to see the true authentic essence in others.

I lived in London for 13 years where I studied a ‘Diploma in Politics & Criminology’ as well as ‘BA Iberian & Latin American Studies’. I worked for the youth charity ‘The Prince’s Trust’, helping improving the life of young people through educational & training programmes. 

Seeing the impact of the mass disconnection from the inner self, community and nature, I felt guided to leave the city, and go on a personal journey to reawaken my authentic self and ancestral indigenous wisdom.

Training & Qualifications

As part of my shamanic training, I travelled across Central and South America, training with indigenous people in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia and Venezuela’s Amazon where I received initiations in shamanism, energy healing, ceremonies and offerings. 

As a Shamanic Healer, I specialised in facilitating powerful Cacao Ceremonies, Shamanic Healing and training others to facilitate ceremonies.

I have guided Spiritual Retreats in the Venezuelan’s Amazon, United Kingdom and Spain, facilitating personal and group healing as well as transformational experiences.

I participated in over 50 shamanic ceremonies and events in Europe and the UK.

I worked with several energy healing modalities that I studied throughout many years of inner work and practice.  

Some of these modalities are Angelic Healing Belvaspata ‘Healing of the Heart’, Meditation & Mindfulness, Spiritual Coaching, Kinesiology, Sound Healing, Inner Child Healing, DNA Activation, Hoponopono, Ancestral lineage Healing &Life Alignment.

Living in tune with my shamanic principles is important to me. 

I live in Tarifa (Spain)in the countryside in Andalucia – surrounded by mountains, fields and rivers!

I work in person or remotely by Zoom video with conscious individuals all over the world through One to One Coaching & HealingMonthly Cacao Ceremonies Online and Shamanic Training Courses 

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