My Name is Daniela...

and I am a Heart Shaman, Medicine Women, mystic and Creative Entrepreneur for heart lead leaders and visionaries.

 My mission is to help and empower you a conscious heart lead leader, unlock your creative powers and helping you to take the next step into your personal expansion with ease and joy. I hold the highest vision available for you while guiding you as you shatter limitations that have kept you imprisoned. 


You are here it is because you are a visionary, healer, conscious parent, lightworker of the New Earth.

  • You can see beyond the limiting games of humanity, holding the essence of true humanness. 
  • Your heart is filled with the innocence and  wonderment of a child witnessing the beauty of the Earth and holding love for all beings
  • You know that you have a unique contribution that you came to give to Earth.
  • You feel so deeply in your heart the magic, wonderment and divinity in all
  • You are ready to claim your birthright as a heart leader of your own life, your relationships, your community.

 This work is for the ones ready to reclaim their personal power, and  step into spiritual independence!  Enabling you to align with your purpose and vision.  I work in a feminine gentle way,  yet potent holistic shamanic approach to help you recognize yourself as the source of love, clarity, and guidance in your life

What I share from my hearts to yours!

In my 12 years of experience of Heart Shamanism , I witnessed the power in each individual to evolve their personal existence by being willing, determined, patient and open. 

I share a  grounded and light hearted approach to healing and self mastery that honours the sacredness of each individual’s journey, creating a supportive space for profound transformation and growth.

I serve as a light bearer, walking alongside you to help you navigate the path of becoming an authentic heart leader. We dive deep into all those places in your body and psyche that have been numbed, blocked, repressed or ignored to unlock your personal power, hidden gifts and rediscover your purpose in the world. 


You have so much potential ready to be unleashed and shared!

Who am I & what Real life experience I bring

In my 38 years on Earth, I have experienced numerous metaphysical deaths and rebirths that have shaped me profoundly, changing the course of my life. My personal journey is one of profound transcendence, deep healing of the psyche and the complete rewriting of the ancestral lineage not only for myself, but for my family members and my community at large.

 I have encountered very hard mental, psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, from early childhood such as traumatic and painful experiences, family breakdowns, life threatening illnesses and learning difficulties. And during  early adult years such as divorce, addictions, unhealthy relationships patterns etc transcend these experiences through determination, courage and a complete surrender to the life I know in my heart I deserve. These experiences have allowed me to build a strong foundation and  wealth of relatable wisdom to be able to support Heart Led Leaders on the same path with deep reverence, compassion, understanding and respect.

My journey towards personal freedom and authentic self-expression has been guided by a deep commitment to follow the path of Shamanism and Heart Led Leadership. It has propelled me to shapeshift during several stages of my life. I’ve travelled extensively throughout the world,  lived in different countries and swapped the big city of London (where I lived for 11 years) for a rural lifestyle in Spain


Now, I live in the south of Spain in the magical National Park Los Alcornocales. I lived very close to Tarifa, an enigmatic town where the Atlantic and Mediterranean Seas unite and Africa can be seen across the waters. Surrounded by vibrant and breath taking nature, this location is known as one of the Heart Chakras of Europe due to its unique, potent and powerful healing energies.


Living with my cherished healer dog Nirvana, I immerse myself in the natural beauty of the surroundings. My days are filled with singing, birdwatching, hiking, and strolling along the beaches, all the while expressing gratitude for Mother Nature and the Wheel of Eternal life.

Shamanic and Mystical trainings

With more than a decade of experience in Shamanism, Spiritual guidance, and Holistic therapies, I have trained with indigenous mentors in Venezuela, as well as in various countries including Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Europe. These experiences have included Ancestral initiations into Earth medicine, plant medicine, energy healing practices, shamanic ceremonies & rituals, rites of passages, curanderismo and ancestral traditions. I have delved deep into the teachings of ancient spiritual practices and traditions mostly from Central and South America. 


I studied the healing properties of plants and herbs for physical, emotional and mental healing, particularly through Amazonian plant medicines. This has provided me with profound insight into their incredible healing and transformative qualities. Because of my extensive exploration and initiations in the Amazon with various plant medicines, I have utmost respect and understanding of the potent healing and mind altering properties of these power plants. This led me to focus solely on working with Ceremonial Cacao due to its gentle yet powerful feminine essence and heart-healing properties.

As a Nagual, an ancient type of mystic, I hold a unique energetic frequency that allows me to  hold a high amount of refined light and transmute challenging experiences into sources of strength and wisdom. I have studied extensively  in various mystical schools  who have taught the teachings of the Almine, a world renowned Mystic and Seer. My journey also led me to acquire professional qualifications in holistic healing, wellbeing, and therapeutic healing techniques, including Life Alignment, Grand Master of Belvaspata ´Angelic Healing of the Heart´, Breath work, somatic movement and Tapping for emotional liberation.


I am a guardian of sacred fire, ´Mujer de Fuego` as initiated in Mexico by the Abuela Ana Lahak in Guadalajara and trained in curandera techniques to carry the sacred fire in ceremonies, hold the ´copalera´ and cleanse spaces, people using ancestral technologies. I also was handed the honour to smoke the  peace pipe with Abuela Margarita.

You are invited to step fully into unapologetic living and self mastery.
You can choose at any moment to be the leader of your life and take your personal power back by defining the quality of your life journey.

All my work experience involved  being at service at in some way or another. 

My academic and work background in Politics & Criminology and Iberian & Latin American Studies, as well as  5 years with ‘The Prince’s Trust’  youth charity in England,  have provided me with a unique perspective on human behaviour and societal dynamics. 


As a creative entrepreneur, I have embarked on various projects, such as organising Spiritual Pilgrimages in the Venezuelan Amazon and hosting holistic retreats at my eco-friendly farm, Eco Finca – Devasmita, in Spain. These projects are centred around sustainability, conscious living, and spiritual harmony. 


My recent Soul venture, ‘La Diosa del Cacao’, is a soulful conscious brand dedicated to providing 100% ceremonial cacao and Cacao products from Venezuela and Peru. Each cacao bean is carefully selected and the cacao shamanically activated to support individuals in their ceremonial work worldwide. It was born from my deep love and devotion to Cacao as a heart medicine. 

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