A Shamanic Initiation Experience With Ceremonial Cacao Through The Inner & Outer Medicine Wheel
Tarifa / Online

There are ANCIENT codes which reside within you, the the living medicine wheel of life!
Once these are activated, your relationship with Cacao becomes wholesome and sacred and moves beyond the mental level to a deep heart-felt embodied physical, emotional & spiritual connection.


1:1 Shamanic Heart Activations with Ceremonial Cacao - Tarifa/Online

Root yourself deep in your core, connect back to your heart and the heart beat of the Earth. Align yourself to your personal purpose, and release anything that is holding you back.
Experience profound connection, deep personal shifts and spontaneous heart opening.

The Emerald temple - Unleash the wild feminine goddess

Online. - 6 months A templete of initiation to restore the sacredness of the feminine and ignite the womb's creative power.

Reclaim your feminine divine fire and to feel energy rising from within. Join our waiting list for more information
Starting in November 2023

Download my ‘Connect with you your Essence Meditation’ and attune to your authentic essence.

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