That day, I was able to let go of old stories and I started to write a new one

Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathing & Self-Care Challenges 

Goedele Leyssen, Inspired Leadership Coach – Tarifa ( October 2023).


I was going through some stuff, and hoped Daniela could support me to find more clarity about next steps.

During our ceremony, I realized how certain things that happened in the past were impacting my current reality.

Daniela held space for me while I processed through a lot of those things.

It was not comfortable, but I felt so much lighter, calmer and more empowered afterwards. 

That day, I was able to let go of old stories and I started to write a new one.

Daniela is clearly doing the work she is here to do and I am so grateful our paths crossed. 



Each ceremony has been different but equally transformative and liberating…

Cacao ceremonies and workshops

Carolina M – Tarifa ( October 2023).

For  More than 2 years ago I have had the great opportunity to integrate cocoa ceremonies with Dani both in a private circle of empowered women who come to celebrate and heal together in our female circle and in her workshops. The Cacao ceremonies guided by Dani have been a space where I have felt safe to let myself feel and explore with the help of cacao and connect with my feminine energy in a very subtle but profound way. Each ceremony has been different but equally transformative and liberating for my path of healing, connection and search to live more authentically in the here and now. Thank you Dani for sharing your healing gifts that create consciousness, for your voice and presence ✨ With gratitude and love. Carolina M 🌹 

Where transmutation is experienced and purpose flows

Private Shamanic Ceremony & rite of passage 

Cecilia – Tarifa ( October 2023).

In her ceremonies, Daniela invites an environment of trust in a lovingly cared for space that manifests the presence of the spirit guides. It is there where transmutation is experienced and purpose flows. Thank you Dani for sharing your gifts

Daniela invita en sus ceremonias, a un entorno de confianza en un espacio amorosamente cuidado que manifiesta la presencia de los guías del espíritu. Es allí donde, se experimenta la transmutación y fluye el propósito. Gracias Dani por compartir tus dones. 

Stepping in to a next phase with my head held high and my heart brimming with gratitude!

Divine Feminine months private Initiatory container

Aksinia – Spain (July  2023) 

I have shared many incredible cacao ceremonies with Daniela. So when life culminated in a crisis and settled just enough that I felt I needed some guidance and support I asked Daniela if she might help me.

It should never be about coping or carrying on. Truly being brave is addressing what rocks you. It is about celebrating these life transitions and recognising them as beautiful and as growth and evolution.. it’s a powerful thing to do alone and you can easily become confused and make mistakes or just feel very alone.

I was determined to turn this in to something good, to celebrate this very physical, emotional, painful, sensual and spiritual experience and in my case really celebrate being a woman, getting older, recognising the work I had done for my children, recognising the sacrifices i had made, the childhood traumas I could let go of and stepping in to this next phase with my head held high and my heart brimming with gratitude and sunshine. You got this!

Daniela enabled this for me thought this energetic ceremonial container, with support and guidance, energetically and with the clarity, authenticity and insight that she always brings. Daniela is a brilliant guide and from my perspective someone who really knows how to celebrate being a goddess, a woman through all that she is and experiences and gives through all her wonderful life phases. Ceremony is a very powerful thing. The space and freedom to cry without holding back, to laugh too. To take time to listen to guiding shamanic prayers and visualisations; being truly heard and importantly, stopping to breathe and drink cacao.

I would highly recommend Daniela to anyone seeking to become themselves beautifully and with abundance. Shukra

Your gifts are a treasure to the world

Private Shamanic Ceremony & rite of passage 

M – Tarifa ( October 2023) 

My wife gave me Daniela’s ceremonial session as a birthday present, and it was incredibly beautiful. During the ceremony, I felt a deep ancestral connection that brought forth a multitude of emotions and memories. Daniela skillfully held space for everything that arose, allowing me to confront and release the mental and emotional traumas that I had been carrying.

This experience was transformative. It not only cleared blockages that were hindering my personal growth but also provided me with newfound clarity about who I am and my purpose in life. Since that session, I’ve witnessed significant shifts within myself, and I am genuinely grateful for the journey that Daniela guided me through.


It felt very personal and at once inclusive of everyone

Private Rebirthing Ceremony 

A – Sotogrande  (July 2023)

So so special .. thanks to you. Gosh my mind is blown Daniela.. my heart feels very full and warm. 

My birthday private Shamanic Ancestral Rebirthing Ceremony was so beautiful and amazing and you put so much thought into it, it felt very personal and at once inclusive to everyone.. thank you Daniela.. I really am moved by it and think it will be my favorite birthday gift .. I’m sure of it. 

I feel very lucky and very blessed to have experienced something like that


Releasing old Traumas and traumatic patters

Shamanic Activation & Healing Session

Milena Scherrer – Online  (Sept 2023)


Daniela is a wonderful practitioner. She is very empathic, gentle and sensitive and guide you through her sessions with a lot of patience and understanding. She is extremely experienced and able to combine different methods depending on your situation. She really helped me relax and release old trauma and traumatic patterns. She also puts a lot of emphasis on aftercare and the impact of her methods which I highly appreciated. I can only recommend her!!!!

Dealing with personal challenges quick at a deep level

Shamanic Activations & Healing Sessions

Denise – Spain (Sept 2023)

“It was the second time that i worked with Daniela. I really appreciate the impact of her sacred work. Daniela hast the gift to see and understand the context of personal challenges quickly and on a very deep level. Working with her always makes me feel more connected to my authentic self and remembering my strength.
 The inspiration I could find has a beautiful impact on my life.”Activa

Rites of Passages for different stages of the feminine

Private Ceremonial Circle – Bi monthly over 2 years 

Louise – Spain 

Daniela and I have been working together for around two years and have created a circle of like-minded women through our work with cacao.
We have had the honour of gathering in celebration and in sorrow to witness each other’s journeys. The sacred space that Daniela has so powerfully held has allowed us to be vulnerable and to grow.
Our rites of passage have been marked with individual understanding, love and attention that can only serve for us to becoming wiser and stronger. Aho.


A journey to my essence 

 The Incubator – Inner Child Healing Container 1 month 

Agnetha – March  2023

Not knowing what to expect, my sessions with Daniela were an eye-opener.

Thinking I just wanted to remember some buried memories, I ended up finding a deeper connection with my essence.
As it has been 2 months now since our last session, I can evaluate the full experience for the longer term.
The Shamanic trance journey, the healing prayers, illumination and cacao session, have been healing and activation techniques helping my energetic body clean up and reset. I never knew the importance of restoring a natural connection between me and my ancestors, for example. And the importance of letting go of all responsibility that was not mine. I was also able to let go of what I no longer needed and had room to evaluate my life. Blockages that were inside me were lifted, so my natural power have room to flow instead. After our 3 sessions, I had time to integrate all I had learned and to actually make the changes I needed to make.
Now 2 months later, continuing the work (exercises like meditation, tapping EFT, journaling) on a daily basis, I feel so much more being in my flow of life.
I am grateful Daniela has been my guide on this journey, she is an open, wise en loving person, I felt very much at ease.
Thank you for your guidance and dedication, and hopefully we meet again!


I could see and understand what was blocking me 

Shamanic Activation & healing session

 Albin Deplanck

I decided to go for a Shamanic Healing with Daniela as I got curious about the experience and the word « healing » because I’ve been having some ups and downs in life those past years.
Daniela first listened to me carefully trying to understand who I was and why I was here.
She then took me into an incredible journey only with breathing, sounds and her voice. I got the chance to go into an intense journey and I could see and understand a few things of my life that were blocked inside me.
I’d love to see her again to experience this again and continue the work that has been started in Wakana.
I highly recommend to go on a journey with Daniela 🙂


The Shamanic Activation with Cacao touched me deeply

Shamanic Ancestral group Ceremony with Ceremonial Cacao

 Gabriela – Feb 2023

The Shamanic Activation with  Cacao guided by Daniela touched me the most deeply.

In that ceremony something opened in me, and I was able to access my heart and a lot of information that was stored there. I really liked Daniela’s songs and guidance, which supports the  energy and space in a wonderful way. I believe that when one connects with the Cacao plant  and with the facilitator, the portals open in a magical way. I am forever grateful as the experience was very healing. Thank you Daniela  for bringing your medicine to this part of the planet.

Beautiful, transformational and empowering..

Shamanic Activations & healing Sessions ( 3 months)

David Green – June 2022
“It is hard to put into words the transformative power of working with Daniela. The breadth of her knowledge and skill in such diverse methodologies, from coaching to shamanism, is incredible and yet she is so humble, warm and humorous in her approach. She creates a wonderfully safe environment in which I was able to explore my inner child and other elements of myself which I had long forgotten. Each session was both profound and yet also truly unique, developing an empowering sense of my integrated self and how it feels to find balance in life. From tears, to laughter to an exhilarating desire to dance, working with Daniela is an exploration of what it means to be human. Aside from which, the quality of her teas and cacao is worth the visit alone! I feel very privileged to have spent time with such an incredible human being and am so grateful to Daniela for the positive shift in perception of life and the world that she has supported me in coming to see. Much love.”

Passionate & Experience

Group Cacao Ceremony Tarifa

Csiki Szabina May – 2022

“She is so passionate and experienced about what she is doing and most of all the love what is coming through her is just amazing listening to her voice is a medicine for your soul. I did my first Cacao ceremony with her as well in the evening. She guided us through a beautiful deep relaxation it really made me feel to be one with Mother Nature our beautiful Pachamama. What else could we need! I highly recommend any workshops with her”

Needs to be experienced

Group Cacao Ceremony Tarifa

Carolina L – May 2022

“I had the opportunity to participate in one of her shamanic workshops, where we were guided to discover and connect with our own spirit animal. Through rich storytelling and Daniela’s deep knowledge and connection to this tradition, she held space for us to journey with our spirit animals and helped us uncover the wisdom it had to share. A beautiful experience I would love to explore further and would recommend in a heartbeat – it can’t be explained and needs to experienced”

Powerful and deep healing experience

Shamanic Activations & Healing Sessions

Dominic Brady – May 2022
“After meeting Daniela at Wakana rebirth festival where I had my first shamanic experiences, I booked a private session at her beautiful place in the country. Daniela is such a vibrant and beautiful character and without going into the personal aspect of the work we did, it was a very powerful experience. Daniela welcomed me. Once we found what needed working on we went into deep work, unblocking and releasing things I’ve been holding onto for too long. It was a super powerful and very deep experience, guided in the safety of Daniela’s deep understanding. I have unlocked areas of my life that I wasn’t even aware of. I would recommend working with Daniela to anyone who would like to move forward in life, or feels held back in any way”

Extremely empowered shaman

Shamanic Activations & Healing Sessions

Tanja Grimmin – Tarifa (May 2022)

“It is wonderful to observe that everything we need to be in balance and in harmony with ourselves and life is already there. We only have to recognise it. In this way, providence has brought me together with Daniela, an extremely empowered shaman. In a most sensitive and loving way, Daniela guided me through a shamanic process and together with me dissolved certain personal habits and attachments that had blocked me in some areas for a lifetime. Since then I feel liberated and feel peace and love within myself. Thank you very much”

Her shamanic healing sessions were really powerful

Group Cacao Ceremony Tarifa

Natalie S – April 2022

“Daniela’s Cacao Ceremony was purely magical experience and the best possible way to end the previous and start this New Year. I loved how it was combined with connecting to elements, mindful walk, rituals, intention sharing and lots of happy, and loving vibes. I highly recommend this soul and body nourishing experience! 

I also completed a four weeks private one to one with Daniela. Her shamanic Healing sessions were very powerful. Every session was different but each brought equally valuable healing and insights. Daniela is a very good listener and creates a safe, welcoming space to open up and explore whatever is pending to be released. Thank you Daniela for sharing your light and your beautiful energy”

She takes you to the ultra-deep places of your soul

Festival Organizer – April 2022

“When Daniela takes the drum it is as if a fairy godmother took her magic wand. She takes you to ultra-deep places of your soul through her voice, her songs and the rhythm of the drum. Through the journeys in which she immerses you (at least in my case it is like that) you manage to understand aspects of the physical plane that at first glance seem unsolvable and that from that “galactic eagle” perspective to which she is able to elevate you they become very easy to resolve, heal and clear up. I recommend it 100% !! I know her work through the cacao ceremonies that she hosts, those that she accompanies and her participation in our Festival 2021″

Beauty & Strength of the feminine

Group Cacao Ceremony in Tarifa

Oren Dulberg – April 2022

“Great experience with Daniela. Her presence is a beautiful medicine of the beauty and strength of the feminine. A sacred reminder of what is important, of clarity and focus amidst the chaos”

Beautiful magnificent

Cacao Ceremony Tarifa

Meggy Zegers – April 2022

“Beautiful magnificent being sharing her heart and medicine with all from where she came from being her own magnificence self in all glory. Absolute honour and pleasure to witness and experience this workshop connection to spirit animal as a group in a circle  medicine for all. Much is gracias many blessings and love for you beautiful soul”

It was a profound experience

Cacao Ceremony tarifa

Katlyn – Jan 2022

“It was a profound experience for me. I have done many ceremonies in many different ways. But this was something bigger. That I can just be me and not the ceremony. It is light and love and don’t feel serious or heavy. You are a remarkable women and I am proud to have share time with you”

I am experiencing another level of myself

Shamanic Activation & Healing sessions – 2 months 

Kody – 2021

“I feel like I am experiencing another level of my being. Thank you, thank you. Yesterday, I dedicated my day to give myself love. I am more conscious about how I treat myself and others and I am loving my inner child”

In this places of women coming together, mountains can be moved

Private Shamanic Ceremony 

Louise S – October 2021

“I had been working with cacao for a couple of years before I moved to Gibraltar in May 2021. I was hoping to find someone in Spain to continue to hold ceremony and I couldn’t have dreamt of a more perfect person than Daniela. The two ceremonies we have had together with other women have been incredibly powerful and deeply healing for everyone involved. Daniela came to the land where we were staying in Bolonia and found an incredible spot to sit in circle. In this ancient place held by the rocks and Daniela we women have held ritual, laughed, cried, listened and spoken. In these places of women coming together mountains can be moved. Thank you Daniela for making this possible. Aho.”

I now treat everything with love rather through my old ways of trauma response

Divine Feminine Shamanic Healing container 

Emma Uweyo –  (Spain, 2021)

“I’ve been working with Daniela for 8 months now and every aspect of my life has shifted. My perspective of life, my views and understanding.

Looking back at at all the lessons I have learnt and all the tools I now have thanks to Daniela I’m able to navigate on my path with a clearer understanding of situations, people, outcome.

I’ve also learnt a lot about myself, grown into myself, love myself and detach myself from the traumas and wounds which Daniela guided me through.

There were times in between the sessions I wanted to pause and pulling away and even through those times Daniela handled me with so much care, much love and support. Thank you for you support and guidance, I don’t know where I would be without you.”  


I deeply connected to my heart, my soul

Cacao ceremonies in Tarifa

Aline Maquet – April 2021

“It was my first Shamanic experience. I experienced meditation before but this « new » (for me). I deeply reconnected to my heart, my soul. It brings me a new form of energy, vibrant energy.

Daniela is a real master in her art and I couldn’t recommend her more. Thank you so much for this unique experience”

I feel like I am getting my life on track

Shamanic Activations & Healing Sessions 

Carol Eileen – April 2021

“The healing session with Daniela completely exceeded my expectations. A deeply healing process and nourishing feminine energy. I feel I am getting my life back on track! Highly recommend and looking forward to connecting with Daniela again soon”

Una experiencia muy especial y mágica, que te envuelve todos los sentidos.

Ceremonia de Cacao Tarifa

Fabiola Martin – April 2021

“En el pasado ya había realizado meditaciones guiadas por mi propia cuenta pero hacerlo de la mano, guiada por Daniela ha sido una experiencia increíble. Me encantó que pusiese el foco sobre cada una de nosotras, nos preguntará antes de la meditación que esperábamos de la sesión y después de la meditación cómo nos sentíamos al respecto.

No hay palabras exactas para describirlo, es una experiencia muy personal y mágica, que te envuelve todos los sentidos.”

I feel liberated

Shamanic Activations & Healing Sessions

Tania G – November 2021

“ Dear Daniela, I am still in the blessings of your session, it was marvellous. Day after the session, family members called me out of nowhere and came to visit me. It was very healing. I am still doing the exercises that you gave me as I feel they have an impact in me and I feel liberated. Since the session, I find it so much easier to stay rooted in my center. Thank you so much”

I felt a sacred thread that binds us all together.

Shamanic Activations & Healing Sessions

Deeksha – December 2021

“I felt an abundant love from earth, as if it was calling me home, I felt like I’m in peace, now I know why people say “rest in peace” when someone dies, because sleeping in the arms of mother nature is like returning home, peacefully resting after all the struggles, after all the rush, getting back to the place from where we came. I cannot express everything in words. 

The session just took me to a place where I should’ve always stayed, that I’ve never acknowledged. It was a very soft experience. I have felt the roots wrapping my body and calming me down, I felt like I’m floating in air and the air is flowing like never before, I felt a sacred thread that binds us all together. I can leave all my work and all my desires to feel this calm. I loved every single thing of the session. Daniela is such a great human, tell her I love her”

An incredible shamanic journey 

Shamanic Activations & Healing Sessions

Vineet – Dec 2021

“This was one of the best sessions I ever attended. I did not know about Shamanism anything, but the way Daniela explained and took us on a shamanic journey was incredible. The mediation session was the cherry on the cake. Meditating on the sound of a musical instrument blended with the beautiful voice of Daniela was ecstatic. I felt like I am all Earth, all part of it while meditating. I am very thankful to Daniela for this wonderful session”

I was unaware how much these things were holding me back unconsciously

Shamanic Activations & Healing Sessions

Daya Suhird – Spain, 2021

“The shamanic session with Daniela was a gift. It was so powerful as she lovingly and professionally guided me to access parts of myself that I needed to access. I absolutely loved the session and it was exactly what I needed! 

The session allowed me to see my dark side – the things that I have been too scared to look at but needed to. It was a great release and I am now able to move forward. I was unaware how much these things were holding me back unconsciously. 

I have done a lot of self development and it was interesting to see what material intuitively and energetically came up for processing. I would recommend it!”


Thank you so much, literally changed my life

Shamanic Activations & Healing Sessions

Emma – Andalucia 

 “I had a lot of cobwebs as in trapped trauma. I had a lot of emotions buried, toxic patterns caused by trauma. Daniela helped me clear them.  I’m showing more love to myself. 

I’m continuing my sessions with Daniela. I had a massive result after one session. I’m looking forward to the future.”

 It was the most lucid and heart opening experience I have had in a while and gave me a lot of faith in myself and the spiritual truths 

Private Group Shamanic Ceremony with Cacao & Healing 

Emma Brown – Owner of Casa Santosha (Retreat Center in Andalucia)

“We had a lovely group Cacao Ceremony during a Well Woman week I had organised at our retreat venue Casa Santosha in Spain. Daniela led a most amazing ceremony on the theme of abundance. Daniela held the space so well and everyone had a very special experience. I loved the way Daniela led us into a very safe and calm space with her chanting, inspiring words and presence. 

I personally had a very inspiring journey which reassured me that we are all connected and it is ultimately love that supports this whole universe – it was the most lucid and heart opening experience I have had in a while and gave me a lot of faith in myself and the spiritual truths that I practise. 

Thank you Daniela for this special experience. I will definitely see you again and would 100% have you back to lead more ceremonies. Om Shanti and love Emma x


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