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One one One Spiritual Coachings Sessions
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” As a scientific researcher, I am a natural sceptic who looks to understand how things work. If I cannot have a direct sensory experience, I look to evaluate the evidence. Truth to be told, I have had a number of healing sessions before but never felt much beyond the love, care and touch of the healer.
This time with Daniela, my second with her and the only healing I have ever asked for unsolicited, was very different. The only way I can describe it is to use the analogue of my first orgasm; before I had felt it, I was not sure what to expect and, under the assumption that it was not that impressive, I even questioned whether I had already experienced it. But when it happened, I just knew!
This healing session really broke through something deep inside me and I am curious of how it will manifest over the coming weeks and months. As a humble, loving, perceptive and inquisitive healer, Daniela masters a range of modalities and I trust her guidance fully. I am looking forward to continuing working with Daniela to explore and address both inner and outer challenges to personal growth and I can recommend her warmly”
Lina E – Company Director & Scientific researcher
London- UK
I met Daniela few years ago at a fundraising event and I was impressed by her positive energy and kindness. She offered me a heart-warming cacao drink and I remember feeling really good around her. At that time, I was struggling in the relationship with my husband and I needed healing, even if I didn’t realise it yet. Just recently I had a session with Daniela, an intense 2 hours DNA clearing which left me empowered and shifted my energy from being stagnant to a dynamic and creative flow. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and healing.
Marta Abdari – Artist & Creative Cook
London – UK
The session with Daniela was amazing! Since a while ago, I’ve been delaying an important decision I have to make. My mind had been clouded. So, after the healing session with Daniela, my mind started to appear more focused and clearer. Then, for the next few days  I was more connected to my surroundings and more open. Now, I’m feeling more confident and with a clear thinking. Ready to trust the universe following the path my heart is telling me to follow.
Sol B – IT Manager
London – UK
Daniela has a gentle and purposeful way of holding space for you. using the principle that you are working together to bring about healing she encourages you to consciously co-create your desire. she is a warm and welcoming facilitator and takes the time to talk to ensure you feel safe and grounded.
I benefited by physically, emotionally and spiritually having release and being able to connect with all my emotions rather than being in fear. I have since our session been focusing on incorporating aspects of myself and wellbeing, I had not been conscious of. I have gained a sense of peace and tranquillity, purpose and clarity of thought that has previously eluded me. I would highly recommend Daniela if you are willing and wanting to shift blockages and old programmes.
Be M – Writer. Image Creator. Events Maker. Wellness Worker
London- UK
At the Private Session Daniela has given me I felt held and safe, her healing modality is very powerful yet subtle. The Runa cards she uses are very perceptive truly showing what is going on in one’s life and what to pay attention to.
Her shamanic drumming felt nourishing and strengthening at the same time. I arrived feeling drained and my energy levels were low due to a cold, but at the end of the session I felt whole and strong again, my energy was focused and concentrated and I felt like I can still do a lot of things that evening. I am grateful for the experience of this wonderful healing, that felt balanced and wise. Thank you, Daniela, for the dedication with which you have conducted my session, I can only recommend it to everyone.
Anna Skordai – Therapist
London – UK
I am expressing my deepest gratitude for the amazing session today. Your graciousness and kindness inspire. The depth of your wisdom is precious. Your presence is to learn from. I feel the impact of the healing that you did. Something calm and people have told me that they see the childlike look within. It feels as a cycle is over. Finally!! I wish you all the love and support on your life path! This world is in the better place thanks to women like you!
Tania Zayets – Life Alignment Practitioner & Coach
London – UK
Daniela is an incredible woman, and I felt comfortable with her immediately. I have never gone so deeply into a meditative state before! A big change for me since our session has been the impetus to embrace gentleness as well as the fiercer elements of my womanhood, and this has also influenced my choices as to what I want to work on going forward. I am releasing my resentments and obsessions
I am also beginning to discover deeper levels of intuitiveness. Daniela’s work with the shamanic drumming is something spectacular. She very generous and offers a huge amount of aftercare and post-session communication. I would definitely recommend her services!
Kate L
Essex – UK
Daniela is a very strong and powerfully loving force and I feel very grateful that I was able to have a healing ceremony facilitated by Daniela.   She created such a safe and beautiful space for me to explore the deep and stuck emotions that have been holding me back.
The clarity and insights that I received during the session were very deep and I gained understanding on a very core wounding that I had never before been prepared to look at.   Somehow with Daniela’s strength and guidance, it felt safe and I felt protected to go there.
The thing that I needed the most to be at peace with was a deep sense of unresolved grief and I feel like Daniela really helped me to heal this.   On a physical level, I have noticed that the painful lower back that I’ve had for almost five years is no longer sore and my back feels a lot more flexible when I move forward or exercise.    I feel so much more peaceful and able to move forward in life and it’s like a cloud has been lifted. My focus is much better – I don’t feel as directionless and I am getting much more done since my session with you. I’m hugely grateful to Daniela and would highly recommend her private healing session and ceremonies to anyone who is having difficulty or just needs help to move forward.
Louise J – Investment Banking
London – UK
I write in praise for Daniela Oliveros whose work is nothing short of astounding!  As the happy recipient of a recent remote healing session with Daniela, I found it not only most pleasant and relaxing but indeed, transformative. As an energy worker myself, (Polarity, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Craniosacral Therapies) I don’t profess to know much about the modality of Belvaspata but understand it to be working with angelic frequencies and the heart center.  During the session I felt and saw a beam of light traversing up through the center of my being, stretching outward on both ends and then an unmistakable heart opening.  I emerged from the session feeling an encompassing sense of lightness and wellbeing which has stayed with me.  I encourage anyone to work with Daniela who is a loving, compassionate, light filled soul.
Patricia Keene – Polarity Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher
Ontario – USA (Skype)
I have so much gratitude to Daniela for the healing session we did. The word that comes to mind to describe it is ‘magical’. I went back to the womb and that was such an incredible experience for me. I’ve always had a block to ‘going deep’ but with Daniela, I was able to go to the heart of it, the source of this block. The healing session was gentle and I felt completely safe and held throughout it.
There was so much love during the session that radiated from Daniela.
Since the session, things have definitely shifted for me. I find myself ‘taking the plunge’ more readily and trusting my intuition.
Working with my inner guidance, I am finding more things falling into place. I feel a greater sense of courage and confidence and this is expressed in how my work has evolved.
Michelle Black – Chief & Aromatherapist at Healing Flows
London – UK (Skype)
Daniela is an amazing person she is warm and kind.
We did a powerful healing session.  I felt grounded after the session and my heart opened up it was a great experience. My cup is full for now as I want to ingrate what I’ve learned from this session and I am going to do it again whenever I go back to London xx
Amanda F – Traveller
New York – USA
I enjoyed this special and altering experience last week that I wanted to share with you all. A couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed a healing session by Daniela Oliveros that really opened up much insight and wonderous transformative blessings for me!!!
In looking at certain patterns that have been playing out in my world, around my self-worth and abundance, I’ve been wanting to explore and experience and get to the bottom of why I’m not experiencing the abundance receptivity of my healing programs that I was beginning to feel was related to self-worth. I asked for support to open even more, to information, insights and to make a huge leap and grander shift for embodying and knowing my abundance on every level.
I have to say that I have received this and much more from working with my beautiful sister Daniela Oliveros. She is so tuned in, loving and deeply listens with an open heart. Her eyes are deep pools of radiance and I truly felt held and blessed!!!
For those of you who are not familiar with the powerful healing process of Belvaspata, I highly encourage you, if this resonates, to send Daniela Oliveros a message to receive this magical blessing!!!
Kalee Coombs – Healing Coach, Tonal Alchemist, Crystal Tones
New York – USA (Skype)
When I met Daniela her calm demeanour and healing nature were apparent.
 Having struggled with stomach problems and stress in recent periods, she offered to help me with a healing treatment. I use my head a lot every day when it comes to work and Daniela explained she would work on reconnecting the heart rather than focusing on thoughts and behaviours. The treatment was professional and tailored perfectly for my needs.
 I have never been able to meditate and totally zone out of my head but in the treatment, I really felt at peace for once. I would love to try the process again, as I was left feeling calm and my stomach and stress levels actually have improved since!
Emily Dallara – Freelance Copy/Content Writer & Marketing Health & Food
Tarifa – Spain
I don’t know what you all did over there but it worked!!  Thank you with all my heart!!! I feel wonderful!  I got out and did yard work today and did tons of chores!  I haven’t felt depressed all day!  No anxiety at all!  Yes!  I feel great!  The past week has been horrible for me.  This is the first day I’ve felt this good in a while!! Thank you so much, Daniela!!
Tanya – Spiritual Life Mentor, Mystic Tarot/Oracle Coach
USA (Skype)
At the beginning of the session I felt a lot of tension and resistance. As I lay there, I noticed the thought raised to me that maybe I was keeping space for my ex and how it still affected me. And that I was maybe still holding space for him in my life. How I haven’t been able to open up to a man after him. I could feel that in this session I could open up and let go of the pain that is still in me from this breakup, pain that I’ve been carrying around with me for years. It’s a start but it feels like a very powerful start so thanks again.
Amsterdam – Netherlands (Skype)
I found Daniela led the process very naturally. Daniela helped me feel at ease with allowing my own thoughts to come up rather than leading me too much. I particularly found the visualization, colour work and stillness to create a still and grounded mood.  
 Darren Z – Elderly Carer
London – UK (Skype)
What can I say darling except that you are an amazing person and a gifted healer who walks her talk!!!   I’m not great at writing testimonials but I know that between Easter where I felt tearful, lost and at my lowest ebb. Now (6 weeks later), I feel like a completely different person.   Not only have I let go of things that were a build up from a marriage break up and the grief and stuckness that came with that, I have also been helped by you to let go of so much more and I feel motivated again.  By “Much more” I mean the limiting beliefs, the doubt, the belief that I was not creative (massive for me), my lack of faith in manifesting what is right for me!   
My god!  My life has changed so much and my day to day interactions just feel so much more blessed…life is good, it’s not perfect but is actually amazing and for the first time ever I really truly believe that I can steer my ship in whichever direction I choose.   I’ve witnessed how easily things can manifest in your life, once you let go of old programming and allow your passion and heart to drive you on a day to day basis.  I trust myself again, I’ve stopped worrying and I have been reminded that everything we experience is a manifestation of where we are at right now.
Daniela has been such a gift to me and is one of the most loving and selfless human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  There’re things about Earth and the laws of this universe and Mother Nature that I get on an intellectual level, I understand them, and then there’s Daniela who lives and breathes these rules in every moment and exudes them in such a powerful and loving way.   Daniela’s smile is beautiful, her heart is warm and her wisdom and healing capacities are immense and I’m very grateful to her for the love and generosity of spirit that she has shown me.
If you are stuck in any way, are willing to look at yourself honestly, and are open to whatever change comes your way, then Daniela is someone that you should speak to.  
Louise J – Investment Banking
London – UK
After my 1st session with Daniela, although I felt a very deep sense of relaxation and peacefulness during the session, I had some disturbing nightmares. The angelic healing when straight to the root cause of my presenting issue at a very deep level.
I shared with Daniela the nature of my nightmares and she immediately arranged a follow up to work on deeper layers of the healing following her training protocol for an even deeper level of healing.
Daniela was knowledgeable, informed and deeply compassionate in her holding of my work. Her follow-up and commitment to the process were very thorough and I feel lighter, more joyful and that my issue has been cleared at the deepest possible root.
Thank you, Daniela, for your wisdom and holding in a very deep issue and helping to bring light into the shadows of my personal trauma and struggle. I slept peacefully and have more of a sense of surrender today”
Cherry Jarrett – Ancestral and Energy Healer/ Therapist
Essex – UK (Skype)
Ceremonies &Healing Circles
Not knowing what to expect from a cacao ceremony, Daniela capably guided us all into a beautiful and thought-provoking journey into our past-present, using Amazonian-sourced, specially prepared cacao, partaken communally from the ‘totuma’ a ceremonial wooden bowl
 Inviting us to open our heart space, discover our inner child and share our personal experience within this circle. The result was a calm, meditative evening of soft light – a fabulous insight into this particular method of Shamanic healing with sound bath, tribal call and a wondrous ceremonial floor altar comprising floral arrangement, crystal, incense plus an assortment of Amazonian artefacts.
Wholly absorbing and expertly put together. Well done Ms. Oliveros – I felt like Carlos Castaneda during his apprenticeship! 
Paul L – Massage Therapist 
London – UK
I felt strong connection with the space created by Daniela a few days before the ceremony and following my intuition I brought little bits and pieces for the altar which appeared to be what was needed at the time and I felt honoured to be a part of the Magic that unfolded. I loved everything about it, the sounds, the colours, the fact that we sat in a circle as One and drank Cacao in a traditional way and of course Daniela’s contagious spontaneity which spread to others quite quickly. My meditative experience during the sound bath was very deep with clear visions and sensation s in the body bursting my heart open with overflowing Love dissolving all boundaries and making me giggle uncontrollably on the way home especially watching Daniela in her colourful outfit dropping flowers from the ceremony as she walked, spreading Love in the city like a cheeky fairy. Highly recommended experience.
Aleesha T
London – UK
I have had the opportunity to do Cacao Ceremonies with many facilitators, both here in the UK and in Latin America. I felt particularly drawn to Daniela, because of her warm nature and her sincerity – she is someone who has the ability to see straight into your heart. I was not disappointed, my first ever Cacao experience, with her, was intensely healing and very heart-opening. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being a truly beautiful soul and for being an authentic and powerful carrier of Mama Cacao’s gentle yet powerful medicine. So many thanks beautiful sister!
Tracey-Lee Scully – Marketing Manager & Artist
London – UK
Thank you for holding this beautiful ceremony for us, Daniela with so much love and kindness. I feel renewed, grounded, and centered after this dance with mama cacao. She seeped into the empty spaces and gently reminded me of the strength of my heart. Gratitude for the cacao, the fellow journeyers, the wonderful mandala and the sound bath. It was perfect.
Inge Kuijper – Design thinker & Digital Marketer
London – UK
Absolutely glorious cacao ceremony with Daniela Oliveros… we arrived in a cosy, candlelit space with shamanic drumming, rose chai on the go and smiley, welcoming faces in the circle. The journey was deep, releasing, restorative, heart-touching on many levels and has helped me drop more into myself. Obstacles that have felt in the way of making some moves with my healing offerings have simply melted away.  Just what I needed.Big love and thanks to mi Hermana Daniela Oliveros who held the space with ease, joy, warmth and wisdom… singing, drumming, sharing, caring…
Bayari Lou Beegan – Tantra Massage Training & Director of Beauty by Bayari

London – UK

What a beautiful journey, an absolute pleasure to have been in such gorgeous company. Daniela, the biggest love to you all for bringing such peace, warmth and love to the evening helping us let go and search deep within for inner peace and love…perfect Saturday evening
Helen Bell – HR Manager
London – UK
 Your cacao ceremony elevates the human spirit, harnessing the power to understand how we are all made from Mother Nature’s infinite creativity, love & intelligence. Your cacao ceremonies have shown a lot to me – and I am still learning”
Michael R – Musician
London – UK
The ceremony was profound in its simplicity.  Daniela calls in this authenticity through the clarity of her being. She holds a vibrant heart space that welcomes all. The ceremony completed with Daniela singing as people drank their cacao. It felt tribal, connected, loving, playful, and deeply, deeply sacred.
Gayatri Claire Beegan – Founder of Massage School
London – UK
“Thank you again. The ceremony lifted a fog from my mind I couldn’t shake, made me content with how my life is right now, being around my family and my nephew are what mean most to me. Thank you, for being truly beautiful- you’re wonderful”
Shaun Aldous – Artist
Festival 8 – Lincolnshire UK
“Wow- Daniela is simply awesome. She is the epitome of authentic ceremony facilitation. Her ceremonies are warm, connecting, healing, profoundly moving and truly beautiful.
Daniela holds a loving, pure and vibrant space. It is like being a part of one tribe. Her singing, instruments and resonating presence help you to feel transported deep into the grounding place of the heart. Totally magical, uplifting and really held with commitment, truth, integrity and a lot of love”
Emily Jane Love – Events organiser & Host and Founder at The Chronicles of Bliss
Festival 8 – Lincolnshire UK
I arrived into an atmosphere that felt soft, cosy, open, intimate. I enjoyed hearing of your story with the cacao plant, and your passion, love and knowledge of the plant imbued a sacred feeling around what was about to happen. I loved the ritual and especially the drumming and singing which was provided. The cacao brew itself reflected your passion for the plant, with the addition of the flowers and spices. Of all cacao I have tried for me it has been the most potent brew. I felt soft, open, deeply grounded and present. The days following, I continued feeling this presence, along with a delicate, tender feeling in my heart, which felt precious and delicious. I also have been feeling deeper gratitude for plant medicine of these times, and the beautiful souls like yourself who are making them available in such an exquisite way. I look forward to the next one. Much love.
Vicky Grey – Self employed
London – UK
The cacao ceremony is an immersive experience into the unknown where scents, smells merge with sounds. Daniela is an intuitive master of ceremonies with a kind and gentle nature. Her singing brought me to a place of comfort and peace. Smelling the aroma of cacao was an unexpected positive experience. I saw a full cosmos of blue lights coming alive in front of my eyes. Bye bye star wars, Hello Daniela!
Sergio Lopez Figueroa – Founder and Director at Big Bang Lab
Festival 8 – Lincolnshire UK
Thank you for your integral ceremonies and loving presence in the Wellbeing Arena… What a treat for us all to experience your authentic transmission of cacao in many shapes and forms. Big love and look forward to more Cabourne Parva journeys.
Wellbeing Arena Manager – Festival 8
Lincolnshire – UK
I am searching for words to describe the enchanted evening last Saturday where you conducted such a magical evening, full of healing intent, love & warmth. The best cacao ceremony I’ve attended, thank you for conducting it.
Bear L – Sound Practitioner & Gong Master
Essex – UK
Workshops & Training
Ann Boxill – Mother
London – UK
 “Daniela is one of those people that you can feel at ease with straight away, you may even think you have met before! She is playful, skilful, compassionate and committed to helping empower people to improve their lives, and to bringing them (new) enriching experiences. I have attended three of her workshops which have shown me how to find and unlock my own capacity to heal myself, and have helped me piece together aspects I had given up on or forgotten. She is dedicated to her role as healer and wants to know how her attendees are doing even after the session.
Daniela is gentle and full of joy, qualities that inspire trust and hope.”
Daniela has it all! A pure, kind and strong heart.  Daniela is a dedicated medicine woman who is in touch with her own healing journey as well as that of others. She represents the embodiment of understanding the sojourn of melding the Divine and Earth Bound ‘worldly segments’ that make up our wholeness as Spirit intertwined with Human Being.
Intuitively my heart and soul knew Daniela to be the trusted Shamanic Midwife for not only assisting me to Honour… but to meet and become truly ‘at one’ with my very beautiful, loving and ever patient Inner Child.

All healing is so very personal and unique. If you feel drawn to Daniela, I would highly recommend that you do as I did, and that you follow that call!”

Suzanne Austin – Writer & Environment Wellbeing Advocate
London – UK
I didn’t know this at the time but it was the beginning of a very healing journey for me. Once at home over the next few days I had many visions and experiences. Over all I felt calmer and at peace. There had been a big shift inside me. I felt an absolute need to meditate and use sound. In a very healing way I had many difficult memories come back to me as well but it has been ok to think about and not so painful. It seemed as if I am now able to work through issues.
I know feel connected to myself and I am listening to what I truly need. I have been planting new things in my garden to use and healing. I have enrolled on a number of courses herbalism, aromatherapy, reiki and medicinal diet. I feel like I am at the beginning of an amazing journey.  The whole experience with Daniela has brought me forward in my personal growth.
Emma Louise – Mother
London – UK
The ceremony and healing I will tell you about is the third of Daniela’s that I have experienced, though the most striking aspects are the same across all. Daniela give life to her words of authenticity and acceptance by holding a space where each heart can reflect, share, laugh and cry. Her energy and humour will challenge or carry your spirit and her laughter reflects the Universe until you see it inside you. Most importantly, Daniela gives each individual focused attention and love, moving with power and rhythm from person to person untiring through circle upon circle until they are all complete. Encouraging each person to connect with their inner guide, teaching that you yourself is the only one who can identify and work through that what is needed.
This third ceremony was a journey through Angelic Healing, Shamanic Cacao Ceremony and Guided Mandala Meditation. Each modality was given an introduction and a closure by Daniela before moving to the next. After inviting those who wanted to share their intentions to speak, she confidently moved us through the subtle angel healing, where most of us lied relaxed on the floor; into drinking the cacao, which was soon aroused by powerful drumming and singing reminiscing of the rainforest; to finally leading us into single focused and colourful mandala painting. She closed the circle by inviting us to share our experiences and provided insightful reflections when feeling the call.
I left uplifted and empowered and over days and weeks the experience contributed to me successfully dealing with very strong and invasive treatments for a life-threatening condition my body had come down with. I continue to work with Daniela as I find her reflections immensely valuable in all aspects of my life and living. She is a very special guide and teacher; unique, in my experience, with her humble and light-hearted authenticity and with a laugh that can topple mountains. Living in London, I take any opportunity I can to spend time with Daniela when she passes through or when I can catch her in other places of the world. If you have the chance to join her circle, I encourage you to do so…
Lina E – Company Director & Scientific researcher
London- UK
A beautifully crafted ceremony where we journeyed deep into the heart of Mother Cacao assisted by sacred song and shamanic drumming. The magic space created by Daniela allowed my heart and soul to be nourished on the level where it was really needed. I can’t wait to explore the magic of Cacao further
 Jen Witts – Farm Manager
London – UK

Holistic Retreats

I participated in two weeks retreat “Pathway to Authenticity” organised by Daniela in November 2016. This journey was so intense yet relaxing that I could have happily returned home at the end of the first week, with a happy heart and a head full of memories.
The second week was then a gift exceeding my expectation from this retreat. At the time I was feeling that my life was reaching a cornerstone and in joining the two weeks I was looking for a safe platform to help me focus on ideas and get clarity to shape my life. Daniela through her work, cacao ceremonies, guidance and love has allowed that to happen in me.
You can clearly tell that Daniela has a passion for cacao but what made an impact on me is less the cacao but really the energy and presence Daniela has and that she carries through her retreats, ceremonies, and in her life. This trip had a positive impact on me and it’s been a true adventure. Not to forget the tasty indigenous food, the breathtaking landscape of Venezuela and the loving people I met during this journey. Thank you, Daniela, I have nothing but love and gratitude to express to you.
Sylvain LePinguoin – Owner of Tuina Massage Clinic
Will highly recommend the Pathway to Authenticity Retreats If you’re lost and want to find yourself and if you need answers. Living with the tribes and seeing the sacred places and the tree of life was incredible. Daniela worked so hard to put this trip together and she showed she really cared about the adventure. All the best to you Daniela. Keep up the good work!
Emily Holland – Owner of Emily’s Hair, Beauty & Tuina Massage
York – UK
It was a truly blessed experience filled with learning and healing opportunities every day, I Thought the 2 weeks were extremely rewarding and full of activities, adventures, explorations and ceremonies yet I still relaxed. Thanks again for opening the door to Venezuela and the jungle. I am most grateful. I don’t often return to places but I want to go to Venezuela and the jungle again. Lots of inspiration from this trip.
Natty B – Singer & Song Writer
London – UK
” This trip will prepare me for whatever is going to come next.”
…and it certainly did that, even with the unknown ahead of me I already felt in my heart that this trip was going to push me forward far beyond my expectations.  Even after week 1 I felt I’d experienced and faced so much that I would have happily gone home feeling fulfilled and full of appreciation for the experience, yet there was still more to come. 
Daniela considered planning, love and support came through in all her work, with challenges of her own throughout, keeping us safe in her beautiful country and making sure we were all getting the most of the experience.  Her true love for her land and Cacao really came through in everything she did, first stop being a choc factory after 12-hour flights.
Week 2 really did bring the whole experience to another level of understanding your true self, and the land that we were in.  Excepting the new realities being presented to me, and well as I have said to many people to try to put that into words is near impossible, due to sacredness of the experience, the love and lessons we receive in the simplicity of the ingenious communities, our connection to the nature, and the strong connections we formed as a group, truly beautiful.
For me this retreat really was about understand yourself and the path you’re on.  I learnt so much about the patterns and programming I have led my life by so far, and how they can be changed by being more present, letting go of the fear, dropping the ego and to keep moving forward, stepping away from the material, and understanding how to bring back the simplicity into our life’s, with love and appreciation for ourselves and everything in it
Oh! and how can I forget some of the amazon foods. Eating ant bottoms, fish caught on a spear in a night time fishing ritual, to the yummy plantain, Yuca and arepa’s. Washing in natural lakes, hiking up mountains, mediating on sacred rocks, sleeping in anaconda’s territory, and making chocs.
Much love and gratitude for the beautiful experience!
Helen Bell – HR Manager
Essex – UK
I can highly recommend Daniela Oliveros and her amazing retreat. For anyone looking for a one of a kind spiritual retreat, to find themselves, develop further, or want an incredibly interesting, well thought out, diverse & exciting adventure, there was something for everyone. A group of 9 of us from all over the world, went to Venezuela on our pathway to authenticity retreat. I’ve never done anything like this and was out of my comfort zone, but totally glad I went.
We stayed with various sacred tribes along our journey, learnt and shared in some of their ancient and current ways, lived as they did, in which they shared their homes, food, traditions and stories and we shared ours. Sleeping in a hammock was strange but you soon get used to it, much better than a hard floor any day. The tribes taught us much peace and simplicity, it was incredibly humbling.
We were well looked after with food, I was a little worried about this as I eat a lot, but took some supplies for emergency and for the treks, which came in handy. I was very open about eating whatever we were given and after a week I felt very cleansed from a diet of veg, fruit and fish, actually cleaner than I’ve ever eaten and I could feel I needed that. I felt very safe the whole time, apart from when I personally requested to hold a tarantula (as my own personal fear, I wanted to face! I did it! I’m no longer scared of spiders, but my face on the picture at the time said otherwise) it was done in a safe way.
It was an adventure I would without a doubt do once again with Daniela, she is welcoming, friendly, straight talking and what you see is what you get with her. She has a lovely voice, I enjoyed her singing and drumming a lot, it was very soothing for me. She has a strong heart & spirit and skills of a leader. I feel we carried some of the memory of the people we met in how to really live in nature and how life can be, memories that will stay forever. We trekked through the dense Amazon rainforest, everyone was there for each other and bonded well. We all worked as a team, supporting each other if needed.
I liked that everything was at our pace of the group and we always worked together or could do our own thing. The organised guides, who knew the paths like the back of your hand, looked after us ensuring we all had enough food and our needs and safety were met.  All the guides were friendly and always happy to help out. We trekked to sacred mountains which were incredibly breathtaking, like no other places I’ve ever been! Some of it was like something out of a film and hardly seemed real at times. The days felt so long and felt like we did so much yet so simply little sometimes. We swam and washed pretty much every day in scenic lakes and rivers, some of them very sacred places and untouched places which we were privileged to experience all of these special places and moments in the retreat.
Daniela’s ceremonies were fantastic! The cacao ceremony with meditations and the whole experience changed my life for the best. Daniela was always ensuring our wellbeing and safety, she lived up to all of her promises and I gained a lot of trust for her in a short time. I was quite nervous in some areas, but after talking with Daniela she gave me guidance & support and also her word all would be taken care of and that our safety was of her utmost importance and she lived up to that. I would definitely go on a retreat with her again. All the equipment that was suggested I bought and used and were highly practical at a good price. I brought too much extra in the end but ended up giving it all away to the tribe’s families as donations. I have far too many amazing things to say about the retreat, but to sum it up. I found my path of true authenticity and it was more than just a holiday, I never expected to get so much out of this. So, thank you again & see you again another year.
The pathway to authenticity, truly did what it said on the tin.  It was one beautifully, challenging, transforming ride.  This carefully planned trip brought me to a very unique place in my journey, bringing the unknown to reality, facing new challenges each day pushing me further forward in understanding what my true path really is.
For me, the journey started before the trip with many questions, wonders, and thoughts, and was perfectly timed with me stepping away from a busy career. Daniela gave me the support not only as a facilitator but a friend to ensure that this was the right place to start my new journey.
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