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Hummingbird Cacao Ceremony club are virtual gatherings where you can be still, explore and connect to your heart and your inner world through a guided cacao ceremony. In this virtual safe space, you are guided to let go of stress, fears and limitations, welcoming back joy & clarity

One to One Coaching & healing

Coaching & Healing Packages to activate your power to authentically express yourself anew, bringing clarity, balance, inner peace and substantial shifts in your relationship with yourself as well as different areas of your life.

Women in nature doing coaching &healing session


Powerful and transformative One to One Shamanic Training. Learn to work with the four elements in nature as well as the inner family to activate them into expression in your day to day life. Healing sessions and Shamanic Ceremonies are included.

Shamanic Journey

"These healing sessions really broke through something deep inside me.
As a humble, loving, perceptive, powerful and inquisitive healer,
Daniela masters a range of modalities and I trust her guidance fully. I am looking forward to continuing
working with Daniela to explore and address both inner and outer challenges to personal growth"
Lina E. - London Company Director & Scientific Researcher

Shamanic Journey

As a Shamanic Practitioner, Healer, Coach, I specialise in One to One Coaching & Healing,
Spiritual mentorship, Cacao Ceremonies and Shamanic training to help you regain
your natural sense of self, balance and personal power.

Born in Venezuela, I work with my natural energy healing gifts, the shamanic wisdom passed down through my indigenous ancestral roots and a range of energy healing tools mastered throughout many years of inner work and practice.

I help you awaken your passion for living, release the past and activate your full potential, welcoming changes and positive shifts in all areas of your life.


I am based in Tarifa (Spain) in the countryside in Andalucia. I also work  person in Marbella and “La Costa del Sol” as well as remotely by Zoom/Google Meet video calls with clients all over the world.


Looking back at myself 5 months ago and now, my life has changed dramatically. I've grown, I have solid boundaries and I stand proud. All this to say I couldn't of done this without Daniela, I'm so grateful and Daniela is a blessing. She showed me what self love really meant, to go deep within, heal the wounds and see my strong self.
Emma W
Digital Artist
It was a profound and powerful journey. When I met Daniela I felt confused. My life situation was not clear. Daniela knows how to empower people and to guide them into the most vulnerable and difficult spaces with love and care After working with Daniela, the days that followed were like a revelation. Things became accessible, fluid and clear to me. I wish everyone to have this rich experience with this wonderful person! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Daniela
Leonie F
Massage Therapist
Daniela is a very strong and powerfully loving force. The clarity and insights that I received during these sessions were very deep and I gained understanding on a very core wounding that I had never before been prepared to look at. Somehow with Daniela’s strength and guidance, it felt safe and I felt protected to go there. The thing that I needed the most to be at peace with was a deep sense of unresolved grief and I feel like Daniela really helped me to heal this. On a physical level, I have noticed that the painful lower back that I’ve had for almost five years is no longer sore and my back feels a lot more flexible when I move forward or exercise. I feel so much more peaceful and able to move forward in life and it’s like a cloud has been lifted. My focus is much better – I don’t feel as directionless and I am getting much more done since my session with you. I’m hugely grateful to Daniela and would highly recommend her private healing session and ceremonies to anyone who is having difficulty or just needs help to move forward.
Louise J
Investment Banking
"The shamanic session with Daniela was a gift. It was so powerful as she lovingly and professionally guided me to access parts of myself that I needed to access. I absolutely loved the session and it was exactly what I needed! The session allowed me to see and embrace my shadows - the things that I have been too scared to look at but needed to. I was unaware how much these things were holding me back unconsciously. It was a great release and I am now able to move forward. I would recommend it!"
Sudhir Daya
Energy Therapist London

Authenticity. Freedom Connection

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