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Ancient Wisdom, Ceremony &
Healing with Daniela Oliveros

Shamanic Practitioner, Healer and Coach from Venezuela

Transformational programmes for courageous individuals ready to walk
the path of the heart

Daniela facilitates deep personal and group healing, so that life can be lived with grace and dignity. Where challenges become sources of inspiration and strength and past stories are transmuted into personal wisdom.

Her  work and mission is to catalyse personal evolution by bringing awareness and expansion to day to day so that you feel more connected yourself and to life 

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I can help you with

1:1 Coaching and Healing

Take your power back and connect to your personal truth. Activate your healing potential, overall wellbeing and reconnect with the wisdom of your heart

SHamanic Training and retreats

Powerful Shamanic training/Retreats Online or in Andalusia, Spain for personal healing and spiritual connection.

Ceremonies and rituals

Experience the art of Sacred Ceremony & Rituals.  
Learn this ancestral wisdom which honour nature, catalyse healing and for overall physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Some of my clients said....


This healing session really shifted through something deep inside me and I am curious of how it will manifest over the coming weeks and months. As a humble, loving, perceptive and inquisitive healer, Daniela masters a range of modalities and I trust her guidance fully. I am looking forward to continuing working with Daniela to explore and address both inner and outer challenges to personal growth and I can recommend her warmly"

Linsey Wylie
The Alexandra Wylie Foundation

"I have done a lot of energy work but this was the first magic healing I’ve had. Thank you for your time and for the wonderful session It will take a while for me to slow down but I have had a glorious week. I have received so much love from people. My eyes are much better and my energy levels are better. Both of these things make a huge difference. Thank you for being so amazing and coming into my life"

Lina Liasson
Company Director & Scientific researcher

"I feel like a completely different person. Not only have I let go of things that were a build up from a marriage break up and the grief and stuckness that came with that, I have also been helped by you to let go of so much more and I feel motivated again. By "Much more" I mean the limiting beliefs, the doubt, the belief that I was not creative (massive for me), my lack of faith in manifesting what is right for me! My god! My life has changed so much and my day to day interactions just feel so much more blessed"

Louise J
Investment Banking

Daniela has been such a gift to me and is one of the most loving and selfless human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. There’re things about Earth and the laws of this universe and Mother Nature that I get on an intellectual level, I understand them, and then there’s Daniela who lives and breathes these rules in every moment and exudes them in such a powerful and loving way. Daniela’s smile is beautiful, her heart is warm and her wisdom and healing capacities are immense and I’m very grateful to her for the love and generosity of spirit that she has shown me. If you are stuck in any way, are willing to look at yourself honestly, and are open to whatever change comes your way, then Daniela is someone that you should speak to.


Authenticity. Freedom Connection

Align with your personal truth and awaken the powerful capacities of your heart. Expand your awareness to transform your personal experiences into wisdom.
Are you ready?

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